Kitchen Rugs Ideas – Both A Practical And Decorative Accessory

Useful and aesthetic, the kitchen rugs are both a practical and decorative accessory. It protects tiles and parquet from falling from various objects such as food and kitchen tools. Unicoloured or patterned, rectangular, square, or round, the kitchen rug invites itself into the contemporary kitchen by bringing a breath of fresh air. In our photo gallery, you will discover a good selection of ideas for kitchen rugs with “country” charm. Let yourself be inspired by their colors and patterns and dare the kitchen rug which will successfully “break” the industrial or minimalist atmosphere.

Patterned kitchen rugs in warm colors as a cool accent in the wood and white kitchen

The wood and white kitchen is one of the trends in the field of interior design, which everyone dreams of. The elegance of white and the natural look of wood are the two elements that make this kitchen so popular. Moreover, you can easily incorporate a fresh touch into it by adding a kitchen rug to it. As shown in the photo above, a patterned kitchen rug in warm colors becomes the eye-catcher in the contemporary kitchen. Dare it and you will not regret your choice!

Small kitchen rug with rustic charm in the small white kitchen

This tiny kitchen rug becomes the real eye-catcher in the cramped white kitchen. Its tiny size and aged charm, bring the country spirit to the kitchen. The wooden slatted storage crate, wall shelves, aromatic herbs, and small metal accents create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. White brick kitchen splashback and bleached wood flooring add the final authentic touches.

Orange, red and black patterned kitchen rug 

This contemporary kitchen does not lack elements reminiscent of the charm of the countryside. The wooden and metal bar chairs, the tiled splashback, the wooden flooring, and the kitchen rug in various patterns in black, red, and orange – all of these create a special, harmonious, and warm atmosphere.

White kitchen with light wood accents, decorated with a black and white striped rug 

The classic black-white duo blends harmoniously into any interior of any room in the home. That’s the case here – in this tiny white kitchen, where it’s the light wood accents that provide an eye-catching touch, the addition of a black and white kitchen rug brings in the needed breath of fresh air. The bouquet of chrysanthemums adds the finishing touch.

Braided kitchen rug in white and gray in harmony with white and gray details

The cuisine shown in the photo above does not lack remarkable accents. It is the cabinets in canary yellow that “break” the atmosphere and bring a breath of fresh air. As for the small braided kitchen rug, its white and gray stripes harmonize perfectly with the gray worktop, the stainless steel appliances, and the white metro tiled splashback. An eye-catching and refined color mix!

White kitchen with rustic style accents 

This white kitchen is truly inviting – feeling due to the rustic charm accents found there. The geometric-patterned red kitchen rug, the wood and metal bar stools, the bleached wood breakfast bar, and the ladder shelf are the elements that “break” the sterile atmosphere. The wooden furniture brings a natural and elegant touch that breathes the countryside. And all this, in perfect harmony with the white cabinets, splashbacks, and appliances.

Yellow cabinets, white paint and blue accents in the kitchen 

A second kitchen that does not lack colorful accents. The yellow paint, the white cabinets, and the red fridge would have had a rather chaotic look if we hadn’t added a kitchen rug in red, white, and blue. The last is that element that unifies the colors and makes the atmosphere more harmonious.

Retro kitchen in white and gray decorated with kitchen rugs in warm colors 

It’s the tiled floor and tiled splashback that give this kitchen a retro feel. Gray cabinets, white shelves, and wooden worktops bring modernity while the kitchen rug represents a cool and original mix that fits perfectly. As a modern accessory with traditional patterns, the kitchen rug becomes an eye-catcher that can be incorporated into any decor.

Elegant kitchen in white and pastel blue, with round kitchen rug in gray and white 

It is the kitchen rugs that transforms the atmosphere in the contemporary kitchen. Whether round, square, or rectangular, the kitchen rug is more than an accessory. It helps to make the kitchen more warm and personalized.

Brightly patterned white kitchen rug – fresh accent in kitchen and dining room 

The kitchen rug that we present to you above, is a real eye-catcher thanks to its patterns in bright colors. Placed in the kitchen or in the dining room, such a rug refreshes the atmosphere by making it even more eye-catching and welcoming. The shaggy white pancakes with colorful accents bring a touch of freshness around the dining table.

Multi-colored patterned shaggy kitchen rug that ‘breaks’ the rustic feel

This kitchen is fitted with solid wood cabinets with rustic charm. It does not lack wood accents and that is why it needs a colorful element to bring a touch of freshness. Such a multicolored kitchen rug fits perfectly with country, rustic, even minimalist style decors.

Black and white kitchen decorated with beige and brown rugs

It doesn’t matter if the flooring in your kitchen is wood, concrete, or tile, a kitchen rug helps to make the ambiance more pleasant. It absorbs dust and warms the soles of your feet. Whether it is a single-colored or patterned rug, it is the accent that personalizes the kitchen.

White kitchen with retro charm decorated with striped kitchen rugs 

Stripes are a cheerful pattern, which we see all around us. Whether two-tone, tricolor or multi-color, stripes add an eye-catching atmosphere to any room in the home. The same is true in the kitchen – a multi-colored striped kitchen rug refreshes the atmosphere by adding that much-needed splash of color.

Jute kitchen rug – natural element in the kitchen in white and green 

The oval jute rug is ideal for those who want to bring a natural touch to the decor in the kitchen. The simple material is very resistant. Its natural nuances make the atmosphere in the kitchen really pleasant. Beige fibers provide functionality and comfort. Such a rug acts as an accent in rustic kitchens and modern decor.

Orange kitchen rug with black patterns

This modern kitchen is fitted with white and graphite gray cabinetry and dark wood flooring. The green plants, the flowers, and the orange carpet bring a touch of fresh color that brings the atmosphere to life. The kitchen rug with a revisited countryside charm is the special and original addition that personalizes the atmosphere.

Rustic wood and white kitchen, decorated with a colorful kitchen rug

In order to add a colorful element in the kitchen, it doesn’t matter if it is modern, retro, or rustic. You can place a colorful rug there. The cheerful, but soft colors of the kitchen rugs below, refresh the mood and at the same time, keep the decor sober.

Wood and white kitchen with red accents 

This traditional style red kitchen rug fits harmoniously into the “country-style” feel of the kitchen above. Wooden cabinets harmoniously combine with metal appliances and make the interior balanced. The traditionally patterned red carpet brings a pop of color to the rustic charm.

White and elegant kitchen decorated with kitchen rugs in pink and red 

What could be better than decorating the white kitchen with a kitchen rug in intense colors! The photo above will give you the answer! This white kitchen is really stylish. The somewhat sterile atmosphere is ingeniously “brightened up” with the addition of a pink and red carpet.

White and modern kitchen with light wood accents, with gray patterned kitchen rug 

Have you seen the kitchen rugs? If the answer is ‘no’ we will now tell you why. The layout and decoration of the kitchen are two very important steps that personalize it. The ingenious integration of accents and patterns that harmonize with each other should not be underestimated. The gray patterned white kitchen rug is almost invisible and at the same time a little detail that brings a breath of fresh air.

White open concept kitchen with large black and white striped rug 

Two-line kitchen in black and gray

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