13 Unique Kitchen Lighting Ideas And Tricks For Old Homeowners

The eye’s lighting requirements normally change as one grows older, most so into the old age. The reason many people need to use glasses in their old age is the fact that their eyes can no longer focus on objects or items that are closer to them. In order for an old person to see clearly, they need more light. This is due to the fact that their eye lens transmits less light as they are less flexible, more yellow, and even denser than they were before. The way these people perceive color is also completely altered as they look muddy and muted. Due to glare, color contrast is also needed by the eyes in order to see well. Apart from enabling the aged to see properly, the position of the light, intensity as well as the temperature of color will also enhance the general appearance of the home; this, in turn, uplifts the wellbeing of the family.

Lighting is an important aspect of homes, not just for aesthetics but also for functionality. For a brighter ceiling without glare, one should consider using up lighting; this works as ceilings reflect away light to lighten the space where it is used. An LED light source or even T5 fluorescent lighting solutions can be used to achieve this. Natural light can be let in through windows or even skylights to complement this. This beautiful home makes use of uplighting in the dining area just right above the table.

In order to eliminate glare and flares in interior spaces, matte finishes should be incorporated into the interior spaces. Lights can also be fixed on top of cabinets, for instance, kitchen cabinets that do not touch ceilings. Countertops can also be used to reduce glare and reflection of light. Honed marble, as well as concrete or soapstone countertops, are perfect for accomplishing this. General or down lighting inclusive of pot lights is also perfect for illuminating interior spaces. Task lighting such as under cabinet lighting and visual cueing are also essential.

How to Select The Best Material For Your Kitchen Counter-tops

The fact there are several materials in the market for designing kitchen countertops makes it difficult for homeowners to settle on one. Even if this is the case, one should opt for a material they can afford, one that they adore and similarly, one that will withstand the intensity of activities that is expected to occur in their kitchen. Though countertops made of soapstone are commonly found in labs, this natural material can also find a place in the kitchen. Despite being expensive, soapstone is durable to last forever. It is also resistant to bacteria, stains as well as chemicals hence the reason they are highly implemented in laboratories.

Granite kitchen countertops

Granite kitchen countertops are very popular for several reasons apart from being natural. It has a character given that it features finishes that can be customized, colors as well as grains that are unique to granite. By properly sealing granite countertops, they guarantee durability. Granite countertops that require complex installations and feature exotic slabs can be quite expensive though one can find a square foot installation for as low as fifty dollars.

Copper kitchen counters

Copper kitchen counters are not common but they are not just easy to maintain but also cleaning them is very easy. Engineered kitchen counter-tops are not just available in infinite tones but can also be easily customized. They are perfect for green homes as they are made from natural materials such as resin, quartz, and pigments to come up with a surface that is non-porous; these give them several environmentally-friendly features. Apart from being DIY options, stone and ceramic tile kitchen counter-tops are very durable. Dark grout is easier to maintain and these counter-tops are very affordable.

Green Kitchen Countertop

For a green counter-top, one can opt for bamboo, bioglass or even wood that salvaged for that look and style desired by the homeowner. The warmth of zinc makes it a perfect material for kitchen counter-tops. It adds patina since it gets a darker hue as time goes by and it is also an antimicrobial. It also adds an aesthetic value to the kitchens. Recycled paper can be blended with pigments and resins to come up with a durable counter-top. Plastic kitchen counter-tops are affordable, come in various finishes and easy to customize though not durable. Other great materials for kitchen counter-tops are a combination of cement and glass that is recycled, marble, concrete, stainless steel, wood as well as solid surfaces.

In addition to up and down lighting, all-around lighting that makes use of natural and general lighting can also be incorporated into an interior space. This kind of lighting ensures that homes are well lit even during the day with all dark areas being illuminated.

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