10 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinets Color Ideas For Your Kitchen

Many people among us prefer colored cabinets in kitchen. Most popular colors are brown or natural wood color and white color. Many people prefer white color because it is hassle free, when choosing white color one doesn’t has to do through various shades of brown wood color. In mid 80s people loved brown wood color and preferred it over white color. Recently concept is changing many people now days prefer white color. Some people prefer flashy neon colors such as neon yellow, neon red and neon blue. Many houses and apartments usually come with cabinets painted in white color. This shows the popularity of white color among the general public. However it is not a rule you can choose any color that you like.

If you have a flashy and bright personality, such people usually like loud environments. Such people prefer things with bright colors. Kitchen design and decor catalogs are featuring bright flashy neon colors. Colors are usually a matter of concern when dealing with small spaces. If you have spacious kitchen, you no need to worry about colors. You can paint your cabinets maroon or red or blue or any other neon color that you like. Italian kitchen these days come in many neon colors.

If you are a fan of black color, you can paint your cabinets black as well. Before jumping in your kitchen with paints and warmish, make sure your kitchen is big enough. Small kitchens if painted black or in any other dark colors, appear even smaller. However big kitchen having black cabinets and white furniture stand out.

Some people choose lemon yellow color for their cabinets. Lemon yellow color is an unusual color. But many people prefer yellow color. One can never really go wrong by painting cabinets in pastel colors. You can choose light green color or light blue color.

Even if you have a very small kitchen, you can nail mirrors on outer sides of your cabinets this will make your kitchen appear larger.

For kitchen floor always choose a lighter color. Only those people who have big kitchens have liberty to use dark floors for kitchen. Light colored floors make kitchen look bigger alternatively dark colored kitchens make room look smaller.

At the end of the day kitchen design and color selection is your choice. Always select a color that visually adds space to your surroundings.

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