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30 Inground Pool Ideas In The Garden To Make It Ready For Summers

With the peak of summer knocking on the door. We are thinking more and more often of vacations, long evenings with friends and, of course, the beach. If only we could sunbathe and swim every day! Fortunately, this is now possible, by offering a swimming pool buried in its own garden (inground pool). But how do you choose the right pool, the one that fits our own specific needs and taste? Discover our practical advice in the paragraphs to follow!


Classic Style Rectangular Inground Pool

From the shape and materials used to the water filtration system, contemporary manufacturers offer plenty of different options to choose the best one for you. The type of inground pool you choose will generally depend on its purpose. The choice of shape, depth, and size of your pool depends on how it is used. A family pool, a relaxing overflow pool, and a swimming pool do not have the same characteristics.

inground pool

Small Inground Swimming Pool With Swimming Arc

Regarding the depth and shape of the bottom. For example, a family pool would have a minimum depth of 1.2 meters and a gently sloping bottom, so that all members of the family, large and small, can enjoy it and take full advantage of it. The alternative would be a buried swimming pool with a flat bottom, 1.2 to 1.5 meters deep, ensuring maximum comfort for children and adults.

Large Rectangular Pool With Practical And Aesthetic Interior Corner Staircase

The addition of a rest stop to the deeper part of the underground swimming pool with a plunging bottom is another undeniable advantage that facilitates the optimal use of the family pool, as it allows considerable depths while guaranteeing safety.

inground pool

Inground Rectangular Pool In Complete Harmony With The Architecture Of The House

The family inground pool most often has a pure and elegant rectangular shape. It does not exclude other more artistic free-form designs. Aside from being super functional, it integrates harmoniously into any style of outdoor architecture, completing the chic look of your home.

Elegant Designer Pool With Full-Width Steps For More Comfort And Safety

Contemporary or classic in style, from 2.00 m to 6.00 m wide as standard and from 3.00 m to 20.00 m long, the in-ground design pool offers practically unlimited possibilities. In a rectangular or square shape, with a flat or curved bottom, accessible by full-width steps or with an internal corner staircase, what matters is always being well informed before deciding.

inground pool

Inground Swimming Pool “Swimming Lane” With Functional And Discreet Automatic Cover

On the other hand, the swimming pool, always rectangular. Most often takes the form of a long and narrow corridor which is logically dictated by its instructions. Whether you are a swimmer who trains regularly or you simply want to make the best use of your long garden. The swimming lane is the solution par excellence for you.

An Outdoor Swimming Pool That Continues Inside The House

There are even models that go beyond the imagination. Like the inground garden pool that continues inside the house in the photos below. Aside from the original design, other ways to give a unique personality to your inground pool are to provide it with the right lighting and opt for artistic landscaping, around the pool area.

Small Inground Pool With LED Lighting, Surrounded By Beautiful Exotic Palm Trees

Fortunately, when you call upon professional experience in the design and construction of swimming pools, excellent results are always guarantee. And sometimes even, they exceed expectations.

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