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Industrial Style Kitchen – Furniture, Lighting And Materials

The industrial style kitchen is among the most suitable interior design choices. As it easily lends itself to many original interpretations to blend with the rest of our existing decor. Organic and decorated in wood, metal, and brick or bright and chic in white and stainless steel, it can be modified to better match our own unique style. Find out what wall and floor coverings, furniture, lighting fixtures, and other decorative accents to use in order to achieve a successful industrial style kitchen.


The Successful Layout Of The Vintage Industrial Style Kitchen

The workshop-style kitchen is not so difficult to achieve. You don’t necessarily have to copy word-for-word inside a factory, warehouse, or workshop in order to design a beautiful industrial style kitchen. On the contrary, success is in moderation, the right textures used, and especially in the details and the good decorating ideas to borrow.

Deco Idea Industrial Style Kitchen With Superb Overhead Lighting

For those who have to completely redo their kitchens, we will start with the base – the floor and the walls. What is particularly useful with an industrial style is that it supports several different materials in terms of floor and wall coverings and in addition – a marriage of organic materials and modern materials.

What are floor and wall covering in the Industrial Loft Kitchen?

In this regard, the waxed concrete floor, the solid wood floor, but also the large-format tiles and the resin are just 4 of the suitable options. Walls too are a negotiable item, but the real classic is raw concrete with an exposed brick accent wall.

White metro tiles and central island with super practical integrated stools

White brick or white subway tile wall cladding is another suitable option, especially in a small industrial-style kitchen or in open areas. Top the walls with several open storages such as solid wood and metal wall shelves.

Small white and black kitchen with high cabinet with barn door

In the black and white industrial style kitchen, please combine brick or tile with chalkboard paint. This option is super practical and pretty at the same time and adds a vintage touch to the design.

Turquoise painted Industrial style kitchen furniture

Apart from the exposed brick on the walls, it will display other structural elements of your interior well. Show off some part of the frame or opt for the visible ventilation ducts, which have become a classic in the loft interior style.

Glass roofs, spiral staircases, and mezzanine elements are to be highlighted

Overhead lighting, canopies, and metal window frames are the other structural elements worthy of highlighting. As well as the stairs and mezzanine floors, if you are lucky enough to have one or the other.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment

Please combine all of these basics with modern stainless steel appliances or vintage equipment, depending on your own style, personal preferences, and the rest of your decor.

Extractor hoods suspended in the kitchen

Being on the subject of appliances, the built-in oven and the extractor hood suspended on stainless steel cable are good choices. And if the marriage of metal, brick, and concrete seems too austere, don’t be afraid to add color.

Industrial style kitchen table with partially peeling yellow paint

Yes, of course, the industrial style kitchen, although it is dedicated to the abundance of textures, is not necessarily colorless. A metallic table with partially peeling yellow paint, a bold purple cabinet, or a fridge in surprising hues are quite adequate.

Large industrial table with solid wood top and metal base

Apart from the all-metal table, in successful lofts, you often find large pieces of furniture in wood and metal, such as the workshop-style work table.

Industrial style kitchen island in matt anthracite gray

Not to mention the magnificent islands in shades of gray that decorate large industrial kitchens in open areas of several square meters.

Loft with industrial kitchen overflowing with textures

But even if you only have a small studio, loft decor is absolutely achievable, thanks to the use of the right accents. Like these style kitchen stools with vintage bicycle saddle seats, simply awesome!

Black and white industrial style kitchen 

The last essential element that we will mention is lighting. The right choice of lighting is in fact one of the pillars of successful decoration, whether industrial or not, and whatever the room in question.

Industrial style kitchen light fixture – vintage metal pendant lights

In this style of kitchen, there are mainly old metal appliances and pendant lights with filament bulbs. It is also a modern track projector and adjustable spotlights for lovers of modern style.

Industrial Style Kitchen Faucet- an original design in a metal pipe

For the other installations, we also have these two ways to follow. Either the taps with modern design showers or the taps, still design, in pipes of a super authentic aged look.

White subway tiled splashback in the small industrial style kitchen

In conclusion, whatever the size of your room or your preferred decorating style. You know that you can always reinvent the kitchen to make it suitable for your specific preferences and personal needs.

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