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Trendy Indirect LED Lighting Ideas For Every Room In The House

LED is an acronym formed from Light-Emitting Diode, LED, in English. On the other hand, doing indirect lighting means hiding the light source to obtain a certain pleasant effect. Suddenly, the light is reflected in the walls, the ceiling, and the other surfaces and diffuses gently in the given room or outside. Using indirect LED lighting ideas you can easily highlight a particularly attractive feature or hide some imperfection. In addition, we have the option of hiding the light source behind a wall panel, integrating it inside a niche or embedding it in the false ceiling, among others.

Indirect LED Lighting Ideas

Indirect lighting in strips of light-emitting diodes creates a pleasant, welcoming and absolutely magnificent atmosphere. Take a look at our cool ideas for indirect LED lighting incorporated in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining area, and even the garden, in that order, by viewing the gallery of images to follow.

Ideas On Indirect LED Lighting In The Living Room

Indirect LED lighting can highlight any specific attractive element of the architecture of a space while creating a super relaxing atmosphere in the room. The lighting tapes in question are always used more often thanks to the very impressive light effects that they create with ease. Use, for example, LED recessed in flexible strips for niches and decorative false ceilings in free forms.

It Works With Almost Any Type Of Suspended Ceiling

Adjustable spotlights are perfect for accenting a wall clad in natural materials or highlighting a work of art. Also choose original LED floor lamps, orientable sconces in surprising shapes and another designer lighting to create an exclusive and modern atmosphere in your living room, regardless of its size and style of decoration.

Ideas On Indirect LED Lighting In The Bedroom

Indirect LED light, in combination with another type of lighting, is particularly suitable for the adult bedroom. This is because the bedroom is primarily for sleeping and you normally don’t need strong light. We only want a dim light, an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, intimacy and the recovery of strength. So make a bright cornice in the bedroom to create a romantic effect. Add a pair of bedside lamps, especially if you are among the admirers of reading in bed.

How To Succeed In Indirect LED Lighting In The Bathroom

For more functionality, use this type of lighting in the bathroom to frame the mirror. Or embed LED spotlights on the ceiling to embellish it but also to improve user comfort by illuminating areas of strategic importance. Luxury lovers who love to pamper themselves and are able to afford it can even bet on a marble bathtub. Integrated light, like the one illustrated in the image below.

How To Use Indirect LED Lighting Outdoors

Whether indoors or outdoors, thanks to the LED strips, you can also highlight each step of the staircase for safety reasons or simply to emphasize its attractive design. This is all the more true for suspended stairs without risers whose steps seem to float in the air. The perched terraces, the “floating” outdoor platforms, the benches and the rest of the wall-mounted furniture are the other places that you should not fail to accentuate with the help of hidden light-emitting diodes.

Ideas On Indirect LED Lighting For The Dining Area And The Kitchen

As you will see for yourself after consulting the rest of the photos, mixed lighting also works well in the dining room and the kitchen. You can, for example, put an LED strip below the cupboards and use a classic chandelier in the center of the ceiling. Of course, the light above the worktops, the sink and the cooking zones in the kitchen are a priority.

Decorative Ceiling With Wooden Border And Integrated Indirect LED Lighting

Modern Design Living Room With Gas Fireplace And False Ceiling With Light Cornices

Studio With Magnificent Panorama And LED Oval Ledge

Light Accentuates The Stone Wall Thanks To Indirect LED Lighting

Indirect Lighting That Frames The Wooden Cubes

Contemporary Living Room With Recessed Spotlights And Light Cornice

Small Studio With Indirect LED Lighting In Light Cornices

Wedding Of Wall Lamp, Chandelier, Floor Lamps In Cubic Shapes And LED Strip

Compensate For Dark Tones Using More Than A Single Light Source

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