25 Ideas: How To Decorate Your Garden Fence With Recycled Objects

The main function of the garden fence is to mark the boundaries of the land of property by also serving as a mosquito net, windbreak, etc. Whether it is a wooden or PVC palisade, a stone wall, a hedge of green plants or a wire mesh, in addition to being practical, the fence also needs an aesthetic addition. With a little creativity and skill and using only salvage items, you can easily decorate your garden fence to grab the attention of your guests or passers-by on the street. Take a look below at twenty original ideas illustrating how to decorate your garden fence yourself with ordinary reused objects!


How To Decorate Your Garden Fence With The Spirit Of An Art Gallery

One of our favorite ideas is art gallery style decoration. But how do you decorate your fence to make it successful? You will need old frames of various sizes and shapes and the spray paint of your choice of saturated color. Paint the frames and hang them on the fence in a more playful composition as possible.

How To Decorate Your Garden Fence With Giant Pencils

And how to decorate your fence to imitate a row of giant pencils? You just need to give each slat of the vertical fence the shape of the tip of a pencil, then paint each in a color that does not match. This idea is perfect for families with young children who will be super happy to see the new multicolored decor.

Cute Dragonflies In Old Chair Legs

Do not throw away old wooden furniture – they provide DIY materials with unexpected potential! The plywood plates, the tray of an old wooden table that you no longer use and even the legs of broken chairs can serve you well to decorate your fence and your garden in general.

Superb Fence In Old Mismatched Doors

About old “useless” objects, just take a look at the photo below to understand that there is not something unproductive in the field of recycled decor. By asking the question of the decoration of the exterior, even the old doors are used originally! We can refresh them with a new coat of brightly colored paint or leave them raw and authentic if you’re a fan of vintage style.


How To Decorate Your Fence With Bicycle Spare Parts

You have already been present with a useful article, full of ideas for decorating the house using spare parts for bikes. Of course, the same creative approach can be applied when talking about decorating the garden fence. The wheels of the old bike, the frame, the chain, the handlebars, and even the tires can be integrated into the decoration of your garden fence as a super original eye-catcher.


Innovative Street Art Or Decorated Metal Fences?

And how to decorate the simple wire mesh? Turn it into a work of contemporary art by giving it magnificent colors! “Weave” plastic bags of different colors in metal construction and create beautiful shapes and artistic images. It is an ecological idea which, seen from close up, is not very impressive, but seen from afar, steals the show from the rest of the neighboring properties.

Candles In The Metal Circle On The Wooden Fence

We have already mentioned the interesting idea of ​​finding new applications for antique furniture. An old side table, for example, mounted at the fence, is not only very pretty but also practical enough to store flower pots or other decorative items. If the console tray is deep enough, you can also install a storage space next to it and use it as a potting table!

How To Decorate The Garden Fence With Birdhouses

Birdhouses, bird feeders and, birds bath are among the most useful items to have in your garden. But how can you decorate your outdoor space using these pretty practical and pretty additions? You just need to repaint them in attractive bright colors, fill them with grains and hang them on your fence to attract not only birds but also all eyes!

How To Decorate Your Vintage Style Fence With Aged Serving Trays

Another great idea for anyone wondering how to decorate their vintage style fence. Old utensils, broken pans and any metal container that has become “out of service” fit perfectly into the artistic fence! The serving trays in copper or other patinated metal are more than perfect, because, in addition to having a superb authentic air, they serve as an original sun sensor in your garden which creates unique plays of light.

How To Decorate Your Fence With Memories Of The Holidays

The relaxing atmosphere of last summer will stay with you throughout the spring with this magnificent and easy-to-make decoration. Ah yes, the garlands are not reserve for Christmas decoration! Please use a battery-operated light garland, add starfish, seashells, pieces of driftwood and sea glass and here is how to decorate the fence in the navy!

Magnificent Mirrors With Retro Frames For The Chic Garden Fence

We have already seen how to decorate the garden with empty frames. This idea is almost the same, but instead of frames without “filling”, it uses retro artistic style mirrors! Exterior decoration and 2-in-1 sun sensor!

Mosaic Is Pieces Of The Broken Mirror Creating An Optical Illusion Of Openwork Fence

The result of the mosaic decoration in pieces of a mirror is an optical illusion of openwork fence through which we can see outside the garden. The “holes” in the fence are pieces of mirror reflecting the interior of the courtyard.

How To Decorate The Fence Of Vases In Glass Jars Filled With Beautiful Fresh Flowers

Of course, flowers in pots and bouquets of fresh flowers are among the most logical ways to decorate the palisade. However, one wonders how to decorate the garden in an alternative and ecological way. The flowers to do therefore come to the rescue to replace the vivid and beautify our outdoor space!

Beautiful Flowers That “Grow” On The Wooden Garden Fence

These pretty colorful flowers are super easy to tinker with cardboard or paper. But how to decorate the fence with flowers without them collapsing during the first rains? He will make them out of plastic or some other waterproof material so that they last a long time. Disposable plates, for example, cut into different shapes are ideal for this purpose.

Disposable Plates Transformed Into Beautiful Flowers

How To Decorate The Garden Fence With Recycled Objects – Flowers In Rims In Warm Colors

“Library” Fence With Painted Blocks To Imitate Books

Fairytale Garden Lighting – Light Curtain For Irresistible Decor At Night

Steampunk Decoration Idea Or How To Decorate Your Fence With Mechanical Parts

Multicolored Mosaic To Decorate Gardening Tools Or The Old Window Frame

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