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15+ De-Polluting House Plants That Help Us Clean The Air

In most cases, house plants are used just for decoration. So we very often know them just for their beauty. Today we are going to see another aspect of this type of plant as they can also help us to purify the air. The air inside our house is, in most cases, more polluted than that outside because trees and vegetation participate in the process of purifying the air outside.

House Plants – Ideas and Tips

Did you know that house plants have a real decorative advantage? Yes, they invite themselves into our homes to bring a touch of spring freshness to the decor all year round!

House Plants as a Decorative Accent!

To embellish your decor, you can opt for a pretty lemon tree, as in the photo above! For a more spectacular effect, decorate your living room with a palm-bamboo tree, a ficus bonsai,`1, or a few multicolored house plants!

Bamboo palm or more discreet house plants?

Pollution control plants against indoor air contaminants

The stagnant indoor air causes the accumulation of pollutants in concertations greater than what is considered harmless to the human respiratory system. Since people spend between 80% and 90% of their time indoors, the issue of air quality is one that should not be overlooked.

Aesthetic depolluting plants useful in interior decoration

Poor ventilation can cause “sick building syndrome” which is an emerging disease that is increasingly common. Its symptoms include headache, dizziness, nausea, and irritation of the eyes, ears, and nose, among others.

Depolluting House plants? How does it work?

But how do depolluting plants work? As already mentioned, emissions from furniture construction materials, even upholstery fabrics, cleaning agents, etc. include a number of substances toxic to humans, such as formaldehyde.

Small succulents and sansevieria in gorgeous copper pots

Contaminants from the outside air, like car exhaust fumes, find their way indoors and add to this harmful compound. However, depolluting plants do not find these harmful particles, they absorb them with carbon dioxide and emit oxygen by photosynthesis.

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