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Indoor Or Outdoor Hanging Chair And How to Integrate It Into Our Decor

The hanging chair, whether it is shaped like a space-saving hammock or a large comfortable chair, looks super attractive. In addition, it does not take up any floor space, which also makes it very practical. In the living room, for example, it helps us create an exclusive space that draws all eyes to ourselves. On the other side, you can install a similar armchair in the adult bedroom to make a reading corner or in the child’s room to add to its playful air. In short, it is a versatile, useful, and aesthetic piece of furniture that should not be underestimated in design and decoration.

The hanging chair – a practical, pretty and playful seat

And we haven’t even mentioned the garden deck, patio, and the area around the outdoor swimming pool where the hanging chair fits perfectly while providing an outdoor nook of unparalleled relaxation and fun!

Aesthetic armchairs and chairs for any indoor or outdoor space

In this article, therefore, we will explore some of the most aesthetic and practical models of armchairs and hanging chairs. For your convenience, we have divided our proposals into categories according to space where they are used.

Original ideas on the hanging chair in the living room

First, we will examine some interesting ideas about the design of the hanging chair and its harmonious association in the living room. Usually, it is the main room in the house and also the most representative space where we receive our guests.

Bulle armchair in transparent acrylic and designer sofa in the modern living room

Therefore, the furniture and the rest of the decorations that one chooses for his living room are of paramount importance. They serve as a kind of introduction and allude to the rest that can be expected from the decor of the other rooms.

An exotic and cozy hanging chair as a surprising element in the living room

Along these lines, living room furniture, including the hanging chair, should be welcoming, but also slightly surprising. Ideally, the backdrop should be relatively predictable and include some significant element of surprise.

A pair of rattan hanging chairs in the chic cottage style living room

But back to our sheep, in particular – the armchairs and chairs suspended in the contemporary living room! Logically, spacious living rooms can afford not a single, but a pair of chairs suspended from the ceiling.

Small white living room with modern daybed and hanging chair

On the other hand, the rather nice lounges can bet on a small chair-hammock not cumbersome, however impressive. It is its color, its material, or its shape that can introduce the element of the desired surprise, already mentioned.

Hanging chair in the shape of a birdcage in the vintage living room

For example, the birdcage hanging chair below easily steals the show from the rest of the decor in the vintage living room. The Vertigo pendant light and the openwork lounge chair only complete its design and add to the aesthetic created.

The adult bedroom and the chic hanging chair

Then, in the next few paragraphs, we continue with some super pretty variations of armchairs and hanging chairs in the adult bedroom and the decorative details that go with them.

The Bulle armchair adapts to any room in the house

In fact, the function of the hanging chair in the adult bedroom is less ornamental and more practically oriented. That is to say, it does not have to have an exceptional design, provided it is comfortable enough.

Metal hanging ring-shaped chair in the taupe adult room

Of course, this does not mean choosing just any hanging chair in sight, but above all paying attention to comfort. In this regard, the armchairs in rattan, wicker, woven resin, etc. look super cozy and are very comfortable at the same time.

Four-poster bed and egg hanging chair in romantic bedroom

Solid or openwork, rattan hanging chairs introduce an organic warm touch to the adult bedroom due to their natural material. Most often, they have an ovoid shape which adds to visual comfort, and to their ergonomics.

Rattan ovoid hanging chair for a cozy atmosphere in the adult bedroom

For even more comfort, you can add an interior “lining” of cakes and decorative cushions. For example, some with exotic patterns and warm colors are among the most suitable choices.

Decorative cushions and furs add to the physical and visual comfort

Last but not least, the quintessential cozy additions are the faux fur rug and crochet blanket. Become popular thanks to the super trendy Scandinavian interiors, they go perfectly with the cozy rattan hanging chair.

Ideas on the hanging chair against the backdrop of the child or teen room

As you can see from the first photo, the “decoration rules” for the children’s room do not differ too much from those for the adult room. However, there are a few tips to consider before arriving at the purchase of the perfect children’s chair.

Exotic armchair matching the kilim in the children’s room

First, and this is logical, the dimensions of the chair must be chosen according to the age of the child who will use it. Next, a certain maximum height must be observed so that the chair is easily accessible by the kids.

The hanging chair and the armchair should be secure and comfortable

For safety reasons, make sure that the chair is securely fastened and that it could not hit a nearby object if the child decides to rock hard (something the child will try at all costs. to do).

Iron Hanging Chair

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