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Halloween Decorations – Outdoor, Indoor, Porch, And For The Front Door

In exactly, the evening of October 31, the kids will dress up as ugly characters to go collect candy. Adults will first decorate the interiors and exteriors of their homes in order to welcome them in the spirit of the holiday. Do you respect the tradition of decorating the house for the vigil of All Saints? If you are looking for some original and easy Halloween decorations idea, you have come to the right place!

Outdoor Halloween decorations ideas for the porch, veranda, and front door

We will start with some original proposals for Halloween decorations from the outside. Those with a porch or veranda will be able to turn them into a creepy place. Others may just try to mold the front door into some ugly character.

Easy and original Halloween decorations ideas – pumpkin-based proposals

Painting a pumpkin instead of digging it is one of the easiest ways to make it Halloween. A simple but original Halloween decoration idea is to shape pumpkins into black cats using black paint, ears, paper eyes, etc.

A dreadful pumpkin lantern proposal to make yourself

If cute cats aren’t your type, please try a frankly ugly pumpkin lantern! Instead of carving the teeth with a knife (which is sometimes quite difficult), use toothpicks to give her an unparalleled evil smile.

Chic Halloween decorations ideas with black buttons and polka dot bow

A Halloween decoration idea does not have to be scary to be successful. Make a super elegant pumpkin by decorating it with black buttons and crowning it with a satin or silk ribbon. The result fits both the exterior and interior of the house.

Honeycomb balls shaped into stunning faux pumpkins

Another simply adorable Halloween decoration idea is to replace the real pumpkin with orange balls. Helium balloons and honeycomb pom-poms can be easily shaped into cool faux pumpkins.

Easy and original Halloween decorations ideas – sheer curtains in torn pieces of gauze

Another Halloween decoration idea that takes better advantage of the fringes is to recreate a veil of cobwebs. Use torn pieces of gauze and hang them up to mimic a spooky curtain right in front of the front door.

Halloween decorations ideas to create a horror scene using candles

There is a tip worth mentioning if you don’t have the time or budget for abundant decoration. The right light, in our subdued and mysterious case, can turn any place into a dreadful scene, reminiscent of a horror movie set.

Halloween decoration idea to transform the front door

The following ideas explore the Halloween deco idea for the exterior of the front door. Even if you don’t have a garden to decorate, you can still take advantage of these ingenious proposals and perk up your own door for the party ahead.

Mummy or Frankenstein monster to welcome candy hunters

What is very timely about this type of decoration for the front door is that it does not take a long time to complete. In addition, it does not require significant handyman skills, nor a considerable budget.

Halloween decoration idea with disposable plates, adhesive tape, and paper strips

In order to make the face of a monster, for example, one can use disposable plates and mark black for the eyes. Use pieces of tape for the mouth and eyebrows and paper strips for the hair.

The magnificent green door transformed into Bob from “Monsters, Inc.”

What is very important when talking about this Halloween decoration idea is to take into account the existing color of your front door. At the end of the day, no one has the urge to repaint their door before and after the party.

Garage door decorated with silhouettes of witches, animated by backlighting

Battery operated light ribbons allow for a number of super original decorations! As an example, this garage door decorated with silhouettes of cardboard witches comes to life perfectly thanks to the LED backlighting used.

Halloween decorations for the house entrance and the rest of the interior

From outside the house we gradually move inside. Each of the photos to follow illustrates a Halloween decoration idea for the console in the entrance of the house, the sweet buffet, the festive table, etc. Enjoy it!

Halloween decorations to make yourself – candle holders-spiders with chenille feet

The first proposition is actually very easy to make yourself. For these funny spider candle holders, you will only need mini pumpkins, small white candles, instant glue, and pieces of black pipe cleaner for the legs.

Halloween decorations to make yourself – superb pumpkins-vampires

This is another good Halloween decoration idea to make yourself from pumpkins. These funny vampires are simply outfitted with plastic vampire teeth and red ball-headed eye pins.

DIY decoration idea in black and white based on jars

It turns out that jars with screw lids are recyclable items with several wonderful applications in DIY decoration. You can make vases for spring flowers from it, snow globes for winter, and apparently – awesome Halloween decorations in black and white!

Table legs transformed into witch legs – an easy Halloween decorations ideas 

The legs of your dining table can be easily transformed into witch legs! A fairly important point here is to use striped knee-high socks in iconic Halloween colors such as orange and black, purple and black, etc.

Super cute ghosts in gauze or crochet lace doily

The ghosts that we have already seen in garden decoration, can also be used to perk up the interior of the house. The collage above illustrates how to make cute ghosts using gauze or crochet lace doilies.

Awful drapery- another interior Halloween decor idea with gauze

Logically, the horrifying cobweb curtain is also suitable for indoor use. Provided you have a place to hang it, this ominous sheer will warp your living room into the Addams family.

Superb sideboard made in white, black, and orange

Don’t forget to mention that gauze can also be used as a tablecloth. This superb sideboard, for example, shows how to implement this original idea. Done in white, black, and orange, it looks super chic.


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