Gray Kitchen And Wood In Different Models For All Tastes

There is something really extraordinary about a gray and wood kitchen. Maybe it’s the magical interplay between non-color and natural material that makes it unique? Or is the freshness of the gray that is somehow neutralized by the warm wood that impresses us? Anyway, the design of the kitchen decided in these tones is super versatile and light. That is, he readily reads many interpretations of the styles and even experiences them, and can easily be adapted to his own specific personal preferences.

Gray Kitchen And Light Wood On A White Background – Irresistible Option For Small Spaces

Maybe you think that the gray and wood kitchen is too dark and is only suitable for lots of windows, plenty of natural light? Please beware of such generalizations! In fact, the pearl gray, cleverly combined with natural light wood, creates a feeling of spacious and airy space. And when this design is developed, the effect is stronger and impressive. It is not by chance that the majority of interior designers use the white background or white furniture to bring out the beauty of the gray and wood kitchen.

Gray Kitchen And Wood Design With Central Island, Open To Other Parts Of The House

This is exactly the case in the picture below – we see a gray kitchen and wood design, and we have done it! Designed by Apel Design Inc., this open kitchen is a gem of modern design, located in a two-story California residence. Let’s explore it in some superb photos and then explore many other ideas on gray and wood cuisine whether modern, old-fashioned, rustic or industrial.

Gray Floor, Warm Wooden Island And Anthracite, And White Walls Harmonized In A Perfect Way

Matt White Surfaces And Wall Paint Modernize The Kitchen, While The Wooden Island Adds Traditionalism

Kitchen In White, Gray, And Wood For Lovers Of Modern Design With Exotic Touches

Gray Kitchen And Rosewood With Marble Worktops And White High Stools

And the specific gray shade and the type of wood are very important to the way we perceive the space. Some textures such as birch, ash, beech, and elm look cooler and more modern. But such as oak, fir, cherry, walnut, and teak are rather warm and inviting. Do not worry, there are no good and bad choices, but only recommended and discouraged associations.

Gray Slab Flooring, Wood Cabinets, And White Panton Design Dining Chairs

You can choose a cozy wood and combine it with a fresh gray like agate, pearl gray or steel. This will create a nice aesthetic contrast and at the same time bring balance into your personal interior design. The fresh woods from them come perfectly married with the gray pulling on the brown, currently known as moles. The alternative is to opt for analogs and combine hot with hot and cold with cold. This option is more risky, however, because you can not finish with a too “homogeneous” design, devoid of dynamism and visual impact.

Contemporary Kitchen In Gray And Wood With White Accents

Think about the accessories that will make your job easier and enhance the positive qualities of the gray and wood kitchen. Who is interested in interior design already knows that lighting fixtures can totally change the situation in a given room. Apart from the worktops and the cooking area, the table is the other area to bathe light in the kitchen with the dining area. Keep in mind that the temperature of the light strongly influences how we perceive colors.

Gray And Wood Kitchen With Transparent Chairs, Animal Skin Rug, And Off-White Cabinet Doors

The finishes of the coatings, furniture and other decorations in the room are also very important. Matte, slightly satiny or shiny, all options are allowed, provided they are adapted to their own situation and taste. Traditional style kitchens focus on the abundance of natural materials with rather dull textures. Contemporary ones usually combine 2 or 3 finishes per se, while ultra-modern ones follow one of two diametrically opposed paths. It has either a dazzling shine or a deep matte effect and hyper-absorbent.

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