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35+ Inspiring Examples – Garden With Pool Designs

In the summer months, we dream of a heavenly garden with a beautiful pool. Is there anything nicer than swimming in the pool on a sunny day or lounging on the pool terrace and sunbathing? Today we are going to show you some excellent examples of rural outdoor pools that offer a unique bathing experience. Let yourself be inspired for your construction project and create a beautiful outdoor area for swimming and lounging with these Pool Designs.

Make The Garden With The Modern Pool Designs

Blue is associated with water, which is why blue swimming pool tiles are particularly popular. This makes the pool water appear blue and clear, even if the sky is gray. White, on the other hand, stands for purity and cleanliness, even if it is difficult to maintain it outdoors. White steps on the green lawn, white sunbeds and pool edge glow in the summer sun. The red flowering hedge is not only an attractive splash of color but also a good privacy screen.

Large Garden With Pool Designs

With some exotic plants, you can create a tropical garden with pool designs. If you do not live in a mild climate, you should put them in planters and find a place in the house in winter.

Pool Designs With Island

You can make the pool designs unique by adding an island. As you can see here, you can cover them with lawn and add a tree or plant shrubs and flowers. But remember that pouring is difficult. For this reason, you can add a small bridge if necessary.

Garden With Pool Designs And Glass Railing

In Australia, the law requires a railing to be built around the pool designs. This serves as protection for children. However, you can also add it as a decorative element. In this way, the garden with the pool looks much more elegant.

Unusual Pool Shapes

A swimming pool does not necessarily have to be rectangular or round. Experiment with different symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes. This can also create patio areas that serve different purposes – dining, grilling, sun, and lounge areas.

Pool Terrace Made Of Wood Or Stone

The wooden pool terrace looks natural and connects the pool visually with the surrounding landscape. Wood for outdoor use should be specially treated or treated with a special coating to ensure water and moisture resistance. Pressure-impregnated woods or WPC planks are best suited for pool terraces.

Stone Slabs For Pool Terraces

Stone slabs are also very popular as a terrace covering. Whether sandstone, slate, quartzite, travertine, limestone, or granite – with the right care, stone terraces can last for generations. Each of these types of stone has a special character that can completely change the atmosphere on your pool terrace.

Everything In Aqua And Gray-White

Although pool terraces are used for sunbathing, the summer heat and strong sun can become unbearable. Consider the option of building a structure that protects from the strong sun. For pools near the house, a retractable awning or terrace cladding is a great option to shade the pool terrace. For pool terraces in the middle of the garden, a pergola can provide a shady place to relax. Awnings and wooden canopies provide more shade, while pergolas filter bright sun rays and still let light through. They can also be beautifully planted with climbing plants.

Waterfalls On The Slate-Lined Wall

Water features are also an important part of the modern garden and can be designed directly at the pool. Have you ever dreamed of swimming under a waterfall? With the right garden planning, this dream can also come true in your outdoor area. For this, you need a suitable water feature that is installed in the swimming pool and flows directly into it. Waterfall systems are not only great fun for children but also adults.

Mosaic In The Pool

True landscapes can emerge from small pieces of mosaic. The blue mosaic with a rose motif is emphasized at the pool edge in a pleasant sand tone. The possibilities for the design of the pool floor are simply endless. You decide whether floral motifs, geometric figures, or even your initials. With glass mosaic in different shades, beautiful pictures can be created on the floor of the swimming pool.

Blue Swimming Pool Mosaic

It is no coincidence that the glass mosaic for swimming pools is mostly blue. It should remind of the wide ocean and sea and convey an idea of ​​the beach and relaxation. If you want to emphasize the pool, you can decorate the pool terrace with accents in the same color. In this example, the cushions for the garden loungers are color-coordinated with the mosaic of the pool, and a harmonious picture is created in the garden with the pool.

Wooden Terrace, Blue Pool Mosaic, And Entrance Ladder

Even if you only have a small garden, you shouldn’t miss the pool. If space in the garden is limited, you can replace the lawns and lush flower beds with a small pool. This may be too small for swimming, but it certainly provides the cooling you dreamed of in the hot summer months. With a small pool, you shouldn’t completely do without planting, but can refresh the wooden deck with a few plant tubs.

Whirlpool Department

Nothing brings more joy to the pool than a relaxing bubble bath. If you can’t choose between a swimming pool and a whirlpool in the garden, you can combine them. You can have a pool built for your outdoor area, which is equipped with a whirlpool. With this luxury in the back yard, you can spend the whole summer in the garden with friends and family.

The Natural Pool And A Small Wooden Terrace With Sunbeds

If you want to design the garden with a pool, you should not necessarily have a large pool built. Natural pools look much more natural in the garden area and are perfect for natural landscaping. You can also cool off in a natural pool over high heat, but no chemicals are used. For this reason, various plants and algae grow in the natural pool, which ensures a natural look.

Fall Gently To The Pool

There are a variety of shapes and models in the pool design, which can also be modified according to your ideas. An example of an unusual swimming pool design can be seen in the picture. This pool starts flat and deepens to the left. The transition from the flat to the deeper part runs smoothly and is shaped like a slide.

Swimming Pool With An Asymmetrical Shape

A garden with a pool almost always looks elegant and modern. Both the shape of the pool and its design play an important role. The colors used should harmonize with the rest of the garden and the design should blend in well with the existing landscape. Asymmetrical shapes are particularly popular for romantic garden with pool designs and can be wonderfully combined with curved flower beds and lawn edges.

Ornamental Grasses As A Visual Partition In Pool Designs

If you design the garden with a pool, you should also think about a suitable privacy screen to block the view from the outside. High, opaque walls are a good option, but mostly appear too massive. Alternatively, the wall can be planted with hedge plants or ornamental grass. These fulfill the function of a privacy screen and at the same time provide additional greenery in the garden area. Ornamental grasses can also be used to create low partitions around the pool designs that give structure to the pool area and create a natural atmosphere.

Swimming Pool Wall Lined With Black Tiles

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