Garden Corner Ideas- Fascinating Ideas For Small And Large Gardens

seat in garden corner

In almost every garden there is at least one corner that is more or less attractive. However, the design of the garden corners should not be neglected. You can take the charm out of the garden if they stay bare, and on the contrary – create a harmonious overall picture outdoors if they are beautifully designed. Today we have collected many fascinating ideas on how you can design the garden corner. Whether cozy seating area, bubbling water feature, or lush planting – everyone will find a suitable idea as inspiration.

Design A Seat In The Garden Corner

A cozy seating area is probably the best-known way of designing the unused garden corner. At this point, the garden is best protected from the wind and prying eyes because the fence or wall keeps the outside influences out. You don’t need much more for a nice sitting area. A few comfortable garden furniture and possibly suitable sun protection such as a pergola are sufficient.

If there are tall trees in the corner of the garden, additional sun protection is usually not necessary. The trees cast their shadows on the seating area and transform it into the perfect retreat for the hot summer days. Note, however, that a completely shady location is unsuitable for a seat in the garden. The perfect place for the seating area is sunny or partially shaded because the shadow can be created afterward and the sunlight – not.

seat in garden corner

The choice of seating is not only important for your own comfort but also affects the appearance of the entire garden. With a garden table and some wrought-iron chairs, for example, you can give the outdoor area a romantic touch. A pallet sofa, on the other hand, offers rustic charm and fits perfectly in a natural garden. But whoever achieves a modern garden design is definitely right with a corner sofa made of rattan and a matching coffee table.

Pure Relaxation: Deck Chairs In The Garden Corner

Even if you only have a small garden, it does not mean that you have to do without a retreat to relax and unwind. You can find an example in the image below. The space available in this garden is limited, but it was possible to combine a relaxation area with natural plants.

deck chair

If you think that deckchairs are only suitable for the pool area, you are wrong. Because even in a natural garden you can relax on a comfortable deck chair. When the rest of the garden is filled with plants, vegetable patches, or trees, you can turn the garden corner into your own retreat.

Design A Fireplace In The Garden Corner

If you plan to build a fireplace in your own garden, the corner is a good place for it. For example, you can surround the separate area and decorate it with sand or gravel. This creates a clear demarcation between the different zones outside.

Barbecue Area Or Bar Counter In The Corner Of The Garden

You can use your own garden area for various purposes. Some opt for lush plants and greenery, while others opt for cozy, social gardens. In the so-called outdoor living room, you can organize garden parties with families and friends and enjoy the beautiful weather in spring and summer. In such a garden, a bar counter or a barbecue area can be designed in the garden corner. Here, both the days and the evenings are more fun in the warm season.

A Suitable Place For The Whirlpool In The Garden

With a whirlpool in the garden, you can create a wellness oasis on your own property. If you are planning a little piece of luxury outdoors, the garden corner is the perfect place for it. The corners are considered the most private areas in the garden and are usually surrounded by a high fence. Lush planting can also guarantee the necessary privacy and at the same time create a natural feeling.

Fun For The Little Ones: A Trampoline In The Garden Corner

If you have children, you can turn the garden into a private playground. Okay, the whole garden may be too much, but one of the garden corners is perfect for that. For example, you can build a children’s swing, or why not an entire playhouse? The little ones like slides as well, especially when combined with a sandpit. A trampoline where children can jump all day long offers a somewhat unusual idea.

Design A Water Feature In The Garden Corner

No water should be missing as a design element in the garden either. If you are of the same opinion, you can create a nice water feature in the garden corner. Whether fountain, waterfall, a small stream, or spring stones – the selection is huge. Water features can be very space-saving and still have a great effect outdoors. So if you want to hide the unsightly corner in the garden behind a nice decorative element, the water feature offers a great solution.

Create A Garden Pond In The Garden Corner

If the available space is sufficient, a garden pond can be created in the garden corner. A pond should not always be round, for example, geometric shapes look very modern and are perfect if you want to use them to design a garden corner. However, if you attach great importance to natural garden design, opt for a classic garden pond with stones on the edge. If it is a hillside garden, a small waterfall can also be installed, as in the example below.

Make The Corner Of Garden Beautiful With The Appropriate Planting

The garden corner will never look bare and unattractive if you plant it appropriately. Plants and flowers provide wonderful splashes of color in the garden and can be planted almost anywhere outdoors. The main thing is to choose the right type for each location. It is often little or no sunlight in the corners of the garden, which excludes sun-loving plants from the list of possibilities. Fortunately, there are also beautiful flowers and shrubs that thrive in the shade or penumbra. Below we have put together some suitable varieties.

Many garden corners that are located on the north side of a wall are considered partially shaded. In such a place, many flowering plants like peonies, goatee, and bluebells thrive. Fuchsias, anemones, and hydrangeas also feel comfortable in such a place and offer a suitable choice for colorful plants.

In a shady place under trees, it is a little more difficult. Not only is their little light there, but there is also root competition. Large trees have deep roots that spread widely and make planting more complicated. Perennials are particularly suitable for such a location. For example, ferns and sparks can add some nice green accents in the garden corner. If you still want to bloom, autumn anemones, Brunner, and lily of the valley are the right choice. Early bloomers such as crocuses and winter aconites, on the other hand, are a suitable choice for the beginning of spring.

If you want to design a blooming garden corner and put it in the spotlight, you can design an entire flower bed there. A great DIY project for the garden, for example, is an original corner bed that fits perfectly in the corner. The bed can be designed on several levels and planted with different plants and flowers.

Practical Ideas For The Corner In Garden

Many garden owners also put the garbage can or compost bin in the corner. While this is a practical idea, it doesn’t look good in most cases. If you still want to design a container or compost room in the garden corner, try to hide the containers somehow. For example, you can build a garbage can yourself and design a small flower bed on it.

A suitable container can also be built for the compost heap, which is not so noticeable and hides your compost in an original way.

We hope that you have found a suitable idea for designing your own. You can find more pictures as inspiration for the different ideas in the photo gallery below. We wish you lots of fun browsing.

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