35+ Super Original Garden Border Ideas On The Most Popular Designs

In the outdoor space, the garden border plays a functional and decorative role. These make it possible to delimit the different zones by facilitating their maintenance and to trace the curves of an alley. has already shared with you some articles dedicated to gardens and lawn borders. Nevertheless, in this article, we would like to draw your attention to our selection of images regarding garden borders and the choice of materials, which promise to offer you a wide variety of inspiring ideas!

Original Concrete Garden Borders To Trace The Curves Of The Driveway

As we have already mentioned, garden borders have a very functional role, which allows defining the path by separating them from the lawn and flower beds. In contemporary gardens, the border has an increasingly modern appearance, which can be customized as desired to best meet the requirements of its owners.

Rubber Garden Borders – A Customizable Alternative

In addition to tracing the footpath, the borders of the garden make it possible to define the flowerbeds in front of the house or the backyard, giving them a more original and more attractive appearance. Depending on the material that the owners prefer, lawn borders can be personalized to blend harmoniously into any environment, whether contemporary or modest.

Brick Flowerbed Border To Define And Improve The Flowerbed

Nothing is more comfortable than defining a flowerbed. With the help of a brick garden border, you will succeed in this task, and even, you will eventually improve the appearance of the entire outdoor space! Why don’t you bet on a beautiful red brick border? Its easy installation and its original and elegant look promise to make your garden a true corner of paradise!

A Great Idea For A Garden Border In Natural Stone Pavers

Is your entrance surrounded by flower beds? A great idea for delineating them from each other is to bet on garden borders. To build one, it recommends favoring the same material used for the construction of the aisle, which will create a harmonious and more elegant design. Natural stone pavers are among the best choices because, in addition to being very resistant, they offer a very decorative design.

Concrete Slab Garden Borders

Concrete garden borders are often use in the decoration of outdoor spaces because they are versatile and customizable. They are available in different shapes and colors to best meet personal requirements in terms of design, style, and decorative side. Garden borders made of decorative concrete elements offer superior quality – the guarantee of long service life and low maintenance requirements.

Decorative Concrete Garden Border Idea

Depending on the desired effect, the concrete border can be personalized as desired. Specific elements make it possible to adorn a range of patterns to be molded in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Then their surface can be smoothed to look like pavers or “molded” with different patterns.

Why Choose Concrete Garden Borders?

In addition to their super decorative appearance, concrete garden borders are very durable and require little maintenance. Designed to resist frost, they are an ideal choice for regions where the winter is harsh. These concrete borders allow quick installation, and the most reassuring is that the floor will not be damaged.

Decorative Concrete Garden Borders

To enjoy a modern and perfectly landscaped garden, the installation of a concrete border is highly recommended. The latter can be improved by matching LED lighting which, in addition to improving the flower beds, will give off a pleasant light at nightfall. Concrete elements do not rust or decompose, which makes them particularly suitable for outdoor use.

Concrete Garden Border

This is the concrete border that you will most often encounter in the gardens. Such a border can be arranged around an alley, around a flowerbed or a relaxation area. Its main role is to delimit the different spaces as well as to limit the growth of weeds, acting as a barrier against their roots.

Brick Garden Borders – Both Practical And Decorative

Perfectly suited to integrate into the Mediterranean, rustic or modern gardens, the brick border invites itself into the outdoor space to give it a personalized and very original appearance. Combined in a single row or in a double row, the bricks improve the area around the pedestrian walkway and the flowerbed. Bet on brick, and you will succeed in bringing a touch of warmth and conviviality in your garden.

The Red Brick And Its Decorative And Practical Role Outside

Garden borders are available in several materials such as brick, wood, and stone. Brick, on the other hand, is among the most practical choices, as you could get the building material at a lower cost. Bricks can be sealed on a concrete foundation or planted in the ground. In both cases, they promise a very first result.

Use The Red Brick To Personalize The Border Of The Garden And The Flower Beds

The shape of the bricks is rectangular, which suggests that they are only used for making perfectly straight edges. Think again because a brick garden border can also benefit from angles and curves.

Original Brick And Concrete Lawn Border

If you prefer, you can arrange the bricks on the ground, the widest part down. To fill the space between the joints, you can use mortar. Such a border will allow you to get rid of invasive weeds that cannot overcome the barrier.

Red Brick Garden Border – In Keeping With The Design Of The Porch

To improve the appearance of the porch, you can take advantage of the above idea. If the design of the porch allows, favor the brick and integrate it into the decoration of the garden to create a harmonious and neat corner. A small garden border will make the outdoor space more welcoming and convivial while enhancing your outdoor entrance.

Custom Garden Borders – Dare To Brick

Like other materials, brick can be shaped as desired to integrate perfectly into the decor of the outdoor space. The image that we present to you above is proof of this! This decorative border is made up of several small bricks, the upper part of which has been rounded. The effect is really decorative and gives the boxwood bed a very original and attractive appearance.

Flexible Garden Borders In Black Steel

Soft garden borders are the contemporary alternative to other types of borders. They are very decorative and offer superior quality to integrate perfectly into any outdoor space. The super simple and quick installation and the long service life make this type of garden border simply ideal for any environment.

Black Steel Lawn Edging For Planting In The Ground

Such a flexible and foldable border allows the realization of several curves or right angles. You can install it yourself using a hammer. It is the pointed feet that will allow you to push it easily in any type of soil. You can choose the preferred height and create a more or less discreet border.

Corten Steel Garden Borders – Invite Style Outside!

Indispensable in homes and gardens, Corten steel never ceases to amaze us! It is already possible to decorate the modern garden with a self-weathering steel border with surface corrosion to improve the outdoor space. The material is very resistant to climatic conditions and offers an impeccable aesthetic.

The Corten Steel Border – Dare To Sublimate The Garden

The Corten steel border is, in effect, a high-end decorative element, presenting an appearance of rusty steel, but which will not deteriorate. This type of material benefits from an alloy of metals, added in foundry and forming a protective layer which increases the resistance to corrosion. The Corten steel border allows the realization of all types of shapes and contours.

Let Yourself Be Inspired By Corten Steel Garden Borders – A Must For Outdoor Space

Installing a Corten steel border allows you to obtain right or obtuse angles, curves or straight lines. Such a border will be useful to define the flower beds, trace the aisle, etc. Installing such a border is very easy. It simply needs to be press to the desired depth, using a mallet.

Terrace Garden Landscaped With Corten Steel Garden Borders

To successfully define the beds of aromatic herbs, flowers, and vegetables, keeping the design neat and well ordered in the garden, it is the borders of the garden that help us. Corten steel borders are particularly suitable for landscaping a terrace garden like the one above because the super trendy metal highlights the multitude of levels.

Wooden Garden Borders Combining Aesthetics And Functionality

Very useful and essential for the layout of the outdoor space, wooden garden edging is essential both aesthetic and practical. But, in addition to playing a decorative role, they serve to retain the earth, which implies that they are stable and resistant. And the classic choice for creating a garden border is undoubtedly wood.

Garden Border With Wooden Beam

Wood is a building material that you can get at a relatively low cost. In addition, wood offers many possibilities in terms of landscaping and garden decoration. To make a wooden border, you can use simple beams or logs.

Garden Border In Wooden Planks To Trace The Path

To create an optical connection between the garden pond and the driveway, by delimiting them from each other, you can count on the creation of a decorative border made of wooden planks. Its small size harmonizes perfectly with the natural look of decorative mulch in the flowerbed and the nearby swimming pool.

The Idea Of Garden Borders In Wooden Logs

If you are looking for an original and creative garden border, we recommend that you consider the log border. Very easy to manufacture and install, this work does not require solid DIY skills. To make it easier for you, consider buying ball rolls. Newspapers are connecting to each other by a wire.

Garden Layout With An Original Design Log Border

Regarding the planting of logs in the living room, you can arrange them so that they have the same height or different heights. Before you start installing the border, you must first prepare the soil by digging a trench about 15 cm deep. Then, you just have to place the logs in the trench by hammering them. If you prefer to give a rustic and natural look to your garden, arrange them at different heights.

Plastic Garden Borders

To bring a chic and creative touch to the outdoor space, we strongly recommend that you consider installing a plastic garden border. The increasingly original contemporary designs allow sublimating the garden with a few touches of color and originality.

The design of some plastic garden borders perfectly imitates logs, stone, etc. Thus, each gardener can easily find the model that best suits the design of his outdoor space and his personal taste. Whichever model you decide to buy. Plastic garden borders do not require any particular maintenance and will bring a very decorative touch to the garden.

Decorative Plastic Border For The Modern Garden

Plastic garden borders are use more and more in decoration. But in addition to their decorative role, they are perfect for delimiting spaces, tracing the aisle, retaining the soil of a massif, etc. Most large garden and DIY stores offer different models of plastic borders at affordable prices.

Rubber Garden Border Idea

The rubber border is a type of border that is use primarily to prevent injury. It is particularly flexible, which explains why it is one of the preferred choices for the development of winding alleys for example.

Flat Paved Garden Borders

When it comes to a paved garden border, there are two types of installation to consider. The flat border that we present to you above is made up of paving stones place at ground level. Such a border is very practical because the mower can easily overlap it. A similar type of garden border is ideal for you if you want to separate the driveway from the lawn, for example, or separate the driveway from a flowerbed.

Raised Garden Border, Made Of Cobblestones

The purpose of the raised paver border is to leave the pavers more visible. This type of garden border is very practical because it retains the soil from the flowerbed while bringing a decorative and interesting touch to the garden.

White Stone Pavers For Your Decorative Garden Border

To enhance a flowerbed, you can count on a decorative border in natural stone pavers. In the photo above, we present

Decorative Borders For Pebble Garden

If you want to change the appearance of your garden and improve the gravel pedestrian path, we strongly recommend the pebble border. Very decorative and elegant, the pebble border blends harmoniously into the seaside gardens, providing a relaxing atmosphere.

Decorative Pebble And Mulch Border

The pebble decoration naturally finds its place in the garden of any style. The pebbles can be use as an original and customizable lawn border, which can be produce in less than an hour.

Natural Stone Garden Borders

All those who want to give a special character to their gardens, we recommend that they consider the natural stone border. The stone and its elegant and chic aesthetic will undoubtedly enhance the outdoor space. In addition, the stone border will bring a touch of authenticity and can be integrated into environments of any style. Natural stone will age over time and give the border an even more original and natural appearance.

Natural Stone Border In The Garden

The natural stone garden border is one of the practical and decorative elements which do not require maintenance but which retain their impeccable aesthetics and quality over the years. Dare, and we promise you will not regret your choice.

Very Discreet Concrete Lawn Border And Boxwood Border

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