16 Garden Border Or Garden Edging Ideas to Enhance Your Landscaping

An important element of landscaping, and unfortunately often overlooked, the edge of the garden has several unsuspected merits. Although its design is generally not impressive, it plays a decisive role in the aesthetic appearance of the outdoor space. In addition, leaving aside its ability to give a new attraction to a property, the border is strategically located, which helps to delimit, structure and enhance our lands. If it is true, there is no shortage of ideas and that we can transform almost everything into a worthy border, we will still take the risk by presenting you with a selection of new designs. Discover them in the gallery that follows!

Concrete Garden Border

Although the word “concrete” sounds very cold and unattractive, this is not at all the case. In fact, concrete offers several design possibilities. As a bonus, the material is currently very present in many modern landscaping projects.

Whatever the design of the concrete garden border, with this material, we will end up delimiting the different zones, with a certain minimalist elegance. To get an even cooler effect, we combine the concrete border with a gabion retaining wall like the one above. As an additional decoration, you can get white or gray pebbles, or even crushed gravel.

Brick Border

When it comes to the role of bricks in outdoor landscaping, we usually think of an outdated landscape. Often overlooked, bricks are now very present in our gardens and contradict claims of this kind. As with concrete, the brick garden edge has a lot to offer in design. Placed flat, on the narrow side or semi-buried in the ground, the bricks allow all kinds of installations, according to the desires and personal configuration.

The good news is that a brick garden border finds its place in any type of outdoor decor, whatever its decorative style. For obvious reasons, bricks should be chosen to take into account their appearance (with or without signs of wear for example). With this in mind, worn and broken bricks can be used to make an ideal border for a rustic or wild garden.

Corten Steel Garden Border

In recent years, Corten steel has successfully installed in our indoor and outdoor spaces. Because of the warmth and originality it brings, rusty metal will remain a staple of our gardens for a long time. In the form of a sculpture, a palisade or a garden border, trendy material is and will continue to be omnipresent in our spaces.

Neither extravagant nor too decorative, Corten steel used as a garden edging has a small effect and highlights the flower beds and defines the pedestrian walkway. He readily invites himself in the design of ultra-modern or rustic gardens and contributes to the aesthetics of the land.

Gabion Wall As A Border For The Garden

Having a gabion wall in the garden is trendy and above all original. This type of structure has become essential for our outdoor development projects, and for good reason. In addition to taking care of the impeccable aesthetic appearance of our spaces, the gabion wall is also very practical. As you can see above, it can serve as a superb garden edging, as decorative as it is functional.

Both practical and aesthetic, the gabion border can play the role of an additional seat when you want to receive friends outside. All it takes is a little creativity to transform the gabion into a bench that is as comfortable as it is super decorative.

Pebble Garden Border Or Garden Edging

Believe it or not, pebbles and decorative gravel are a great way to decorate your outdoor space. Available in different formats and colors, the stones greatly contribute to the appearance of the garden. Today, they are widely used to delimit different areas, such as flower beds, alleys, terraces, etc. Stones are therefore a superb alternative to the classic garden border.

White pebbles are among the most used stones in outdoor decoration. Smooth and elegant, they highlight flower beds, tree towers, pedestrian walkways, etc. As an alternative, gray pebbles are readily available in contemporary gardens of minimalist inspiration.

In addition, the white and gray pebbles are perfect for highlighting a classic garden edging. In the example above, the Corten steel border is boosted by the judicious use of white and gray stones. A great idea for contemporary gardens.

Here is a great idea for the garden decoration of all kinds! Nothing like a bamboo border to structure spaces while highlighting them. In this case, the small border adorns a bed of spring flowers.

The woven hazelnut border above is a great idea for the rustic garden. Whether it is low or a little higher, this border is a sure bet for successful landscaping that looks like us.

Do you want to boost the design of your entrance? So, to inspire you, we present a great idea of the border for reclaimed garden. Created from several recycled glass bottles, these decorative borders in blue and green are perfect for successfully decorating the outdoor space.

Small decorative borders are an ideal solution for highlighting small flower beds, like the one above. The modest size of the wavy border delimits the flower bed only discreetly.

The Structuring Role Of Borders Or Edging In Contemporary Gardens

Garden edging is ideal for emphasizing the formal style of the layout. Above, the set of white borders delimits the beds of green plants and the ground bordered by grass. Very decorative, this configuration is synonymous with a contemporary design where geometry and harmony go hand in hand.

Pavers are among our best allies in exterior design. In addition to contributing to the aesthetics of the garden, they structure the spaces in an elegant and interesting way. To make them even more beautiful, they can be combined with white or gray crushed gravel.

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