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11 Best Essential Key Elements of Modern Interior Design

Simpler Curtains

Modernism has changed the trends in almost every field of life. This new way of thinking has a marked influence on the new interior designing and decoration approach. The modern concept of interior designing highlighted with the concept of minimalism. As it aims to establish a consistent relationship between the different elements of interior design, while also maintaining a comfortable environment. The modern concept of interior design thus revolves around eleven major elements. These are described one by one here.

The 11 Elements of Modern Interior Design

Following are the major features of modern interior design that might incorporate in a fine manner for a perfect look.

1. Simple Smooth and Clean Lines

The minimalistic approach inspires the modern interior design. Therefore featuring most of the design textures as simple smooth and clean lines. Most of the architect, including the furniture in modern homes have designed keeping this aspect as a priority of attention.

Modern design also eliminates the elegant furnishings from the interior. As there is a rather detail, catching unnecessary attention into its details that somehow cause confusion. Even the gadgets and technology of modern interior has elected with the care of simple appearance. Hence that is the television of modern times is sleek and flat occupying lesser space and looking rather simplified. The clean and smooth lines in the house help establish a somewhat comfortable atmosphere with lesser objects and more quality addition.

2. The Natural Elements

One most important feature of the modern interior design is the concept of sustainability, which aims to employ more of the natural materials for the interior. From old times, wood had used more often for the furniture and other furnishings in the homes. However today more of the organic items are in use such as bamboo, natural clothing, and stones. The walls have decorated with wood panels to add an earthiness touch to the house. While rooms have decorated with leather pieces and kitchens with the slate countertops. The consistency and balance is always the main priority while decorating modern homes.

3. Addition of Organic Lights

A modern interior is providing more of the natural lighting, unlike the 1900s homes that had very dimly lit. Adding more of the natural and organic lighting helps to develop a comfortable feeling while connecting the interior with the outside, airy environment. This element can add through skylights installment and other large windows across the house. So that enough connection can be established with an open and fresh environment. Floor to ceiling reaching windows may also install to provide a more natural feel to the homes. While a translucent glass window is considered, in case one wants to maintain privacy and enjoy the natural effect of freshness at the same time.

4. Color

Color choice is a major and foremost aspect of modern interior design. The modern homes make use of neutral tones such as beige, white or grey to bring about a simpler and cleaner appearance. While the use of such color tones does not imply really boring and monochromatic homes. Modern interior design often includes some fresh and bright colors, that often sparingly added to the neutral base. These bright colors should select carefully to complement with the overall type of designing maintained. A more interesting scheme of colors is contrasting the bright accent wall. And discriminating incorporation of bright colors to the wall hanged artworks, furniture, and flooring while balance has to be always maintained in selecting the right color scheme and degree of contrast.

5. Open Spaces

The open floor panel creates a feeling of larger and open atmosphere. Therefore, that also helps to connect the different spaces of the interior into a single space, the great big room. The modern homes employ lesser wall barriers, unlike older homes. This feature helps to establish a simpler and cleaner appearance while also aiding to the free movement in the home. This effect of wide and open environment can enhance by the right choice of color and lighting as described earlier.

6. The Metallic Elements

Modern homes employ the use of more metallic items that add to the sophisticated look and tend to add glamour and richness to the house. Shiny metallic furniture is considered over the wooden ones with the addition of simpler metal bounded mirror hangings. This concept followed throughout the home while using metallic items consisting of stainless steel and chrome. Especially the concept of metallic elements followed for the kitchen items by choosing the right appliances. The metallic elements eventually add to the cleaner look of modern homes.

7. Texture

Modern interior may incorporate a combination of different textures, fabrics, and patterns that help provide a cozy feel in the homes. One can provide linen wallpaper hanging that helps to complement with the metallic items and the artwork. It is entirely up to one’s creativity and preference, what texture or combination of textures they want to choose for their homes. However, the texture should always in harmony with the entire interior set up in the house.

8. Simpler Curtains

Dark and heavy curtains, full of patterns and complicated designs avoided from the modern interior. Now, simpler self-effacing curtains have used that help more of the natural light to pass through them and provide an elegant appearance. The dark shaded curtains avoided, as they affect the lighting balance of the house and disturb the cleaner look of modern homes. Semi-transparent blinds or very light shaded curtains are used now. As they help provide with enough natural light and freshness to the house while also helping to maintain the privacy from outside.

9. The Uncluttered Surfaces

One most important feature of modern interior designing is the elimination of all mess and confusion, that may come through the wrong choice of different items. Therefore, it is important to select clean and simple looking items from the kitchen area to the dining room. All the items choose wisely such as some elegant vase, sculpture or glasswork.

10. The Abstract Art

Modern interiors employ eye-catching elements such as abstract art, providing an interesting combination of colors, that pop out within the neutral base scheme. They often selected based on one’s preference through galleries exhibiting numerous art pieces various times a year.

11. Hidden Electrical Cords

This is one very important aspect of modern interior designing as it adds to the concept of minimalism and simplicity. The cleaner appearance of the houses and other spaces of the modern interior can never be maintained unless the cluttering electrical cords are not eliminated from the sight. The electrical devices, requiring cord connected, should so settle that their cords are hidden behind.

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