10 Elegant Bathroom Vanities and Make It Your Favorite Room At Home

Having a great looking room makes you want to be there often. That is why even if it is a just bathroom; you can easily make it your favorite if you find it looking luxurious, cozy, and inviting. There is no best way to do this than by making use of antique bathroom vanities. Whether a vanity lighting or vanity tops that possess that old era look, you will surely be capturing not only your family’s attention but also that of visitors.

While many bathroom vanities can indeed give your bathroom a great new look, the antique bathroom vanities can get it to a higher level. Not only will it give you an expensive look, but it can also make the bathroom looking elegant, luxurious, and classy. Using your bathroom can easily make you feel like you are in a time capsule that will bring you back to the old world. This is especially true for those manufacturers who can make great imitations of the designs during the period.

Although there are many available mimicked antique vanities today, many still prefer the authentic antique ones. Although they are more expensive and harder to find, they are nevertheless available. Some may have come from old mansions that are being remodeled where the fixtures and vanities were restored and resold. Others were simply restored old vanities. For the budget-conscious however, you may get a lot of these antique vanities at low prices online and even in hardware stores. They may be copies of the real antiques, but they still look good on the bathroom.

These antique vanities are not only used for their functionality but also for their decorative purposes. While they have the look of the old world, they have the functions features of the modern era. The designs may be simple, or maybe intricate and elaborate. Some may be made of wood complete with great baroque style woodwork while others are just with simple and smooth finishes.

The kind of elegant bathroom vanities you will buy will depend mainly on the budget you are willing to spend and the theme and size of your bathroom. You can make a choice from various online stores and buy from there, or you may want to take the effort of going to various garage sales or restoration stores that may have your antique.

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