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19 DIY Wooden Christmas Decoration With Wood Ornaments

Halloween is over and Christmas is coming in a minus! Time passes so quickly! And as the holiday season approaches, it’s time to take out your Christmas decorations from the garage or cellar and start beautifying the outside and inside of the house. And what about a DIY Wooden Christmas Decoration to make yourself? If you like this idea, then we are proposing some very easy projects. One of the reasons why the wooden Christmas decor is so popular and so much so it is not expensive and especially if you already have the wood on hand. You can also opt for recycled wood to give a rustic or rustic charm to your holiday decorations.

DIY Wooden Christmas Decoration: A Beautiful Christmas Tree Made Of Wooden Planks Of Different Sizes

Some of the DIY projects we are going to offer today can be great gifts for your loved ones. You will find beautiful advent calendars, wooden stars, decorative signs, and more. and you’re sure to find something you like. You can make a lot of wooden Christmas deco with old wooden pallets or if you have kept your old wooden door shutters, for example, you can also use them. All these projects will be made to a charming wooden Christmas Decoration and many of them are perfect for the decoration of the outside and the veranda.


Snowman Made Of Decorated Logs

Advent calendar creates a very special calendar with which you can decorate your home and at the same time please your family. If you have a simple wooden board, you can use it as a support and hang small galvanized boxes with nails. Then you can fill them with sweets with little gifts for the kids for every day of December. You can even paint the wooden board in the color of your choice to match the rest of the Christmas decor at home.

This Calendar From The Front Is Very Easy To Achieve

Candle Holder With Peppermint

If you have fence posts leftover from your garden work, you can easily turn them into peppermint candle holders. To make this wooden Christmas decoration, you simply have to cut the fence posts in the desired size and make them stripes with sugar cane paint, as you can see in the picture. Once the paint is dry, drill a hole in the post the size of a candle. And now, you have the perfect accent for your outdoor or indoor table decor to create a festive atmosphere.

These Candlesticks Are Perfect For The Decoration Of The Festive Table

Vase In Bark Of Wood As DIY Wooden Christmas Decoration

Bring some of the outdoor nature to make your DIY Wooden Christmas Decoration even more beautiful by creating a vase in a work log. Cut the log to the height you want and then drill a large hole in the center with a three-groove drill. Sand the top and use it as it is or a glass vase in it to accommodate fresh floral arrangements. You can use the vase as a centerpiece for the Christmas meal.

Snowmen Who Do Not Melt

Welcome your party guests with a group of funny snowmen! To make snowmen that never melt, you need a square fence post. You have to make it look like you’re going to paint it with a sock-like hat and flannels like it’s going to look like a real snowman. This decoration is perfect for you, and you can use it to decorate your entry, or even after the real snow melts.

Decorative Ornaments Of Pieces Of Wood

Christmas tree ornaments for Christmas tree. They are so beautiful with their rustic appearance and you can customize them in addition! To do this, you have to cut the log of wood to a small disc, a screw hook, and a string of hangs on the tree. You can decorate them with paint or metalized markers and customize them with your names or those of your guests. Another idea is to make funny faces. A log of wood will be enough to make your family.

Decorative Stand For Greeting Cards

Do you receive a lot of greeting cards for the end of the year parties? So why not expose them to a beautiful wooden frame in the shape of a tree? Cut small boards of wood in the shape of a picture of a tree. Then glue the clothespins on the ‘branches’ with hot glue to expose your beautiful greeting cards. The idea also works very well with photos.


Christmas Wreath

A Christmas wreath made of wood will be the perfect decoration for the front door at any time of the year. But if you will also find a nice alternative to the evergreen Christmas wreath. Screw or glue the first layer of round wood on a wooden crown shape, then stick to a second layer and decorate according to your wishes. For decoration, you can use flowers, ornaments, bells, stars, ribbons, etc.

The Native Scene

With a little wood glue and a little imagination, small wooden balls are added to pieces of colored wood and then dressed with pieces of cloth and a shepherd’s hook. A smaller block of wood, ankle, and cloth are needed to make the food of Jesus in this project. A paper-lined place with a paper star and your project is ready.

Decorative Wooden Hangers

To make the decor of your mantel even more beautiful, you can make these decorative wooden hangers. You can customize them by pasting the photos of your loved ones on them. You will need some pieces of wood, Mod Podge, and hooks.

A Christmas Tree For The Table

Need decorations for the festive Christmas table? So why not decorate it with your own version of the wooden Christmas tree? You can make a small Christmas tree for the table of wedges, paint, and staples. First glue and staple the crown pieces to a soiled stained base. Then paint and use this small decorative tree in your Christmas decor.

Rustic Decorations In Christmas Tree Shapes

Here is another idea for wooden decorations in the shape of small Christmas Trees. For this project, you will need to find your own pencil, pieces of cardboard boxes of cereal penny soda, hot glue and glue sticks, dryers, thumbtack, paper and pencil, ribbon. Take the twigs and place them on a baking sheet. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and place it in the oven for 45 minutes. To make the cardboard backing strips, cut cardboard pieces with just 6 “x 1”. Take the bedbug and make holes from lower in the carton. Take a pencil and drill with the holes.

Make a tree pattern on paper by drawing lines around the cardboard, mark the holes, and draw 4cm horizontal lines about 1cm from the bottom.

Separate the twigs into small, medium, and large batteries to better organize afterward. Break the branches of most part of the branches and put them in the pile with the small twigs. Remove the pieces of bark that appear on the landslide. Also, discard any pieces that are too wavy or knotted.

Break a 4cm long twig and place it on the horizontal line of the paper template. Keep breaking twigs, smaller than the unmarked hole. Make sure you stop at the hole. This can be done with a pruning tool if you do not want to break all the twigs yourself.

Decorative Sign ‘Joy’ On Wood

If you have an old wooden pallet, you can easily turn it into a decorative sign and enrich your decoration for Christmas. Or if you do not have a wooden pallet on your hand, you can use an old shelf or another type of wooden board that can serve as a surface for this Wooden Christmas Decoration. The wooden surface will be used by you. You can complete the look by hanging socks on the sign and posing as a decoration on the mantel.

Star Of Small Tree Branches

In addition to the small twig Christmas tree, you can also use the small branches to create beautiful little decorative stars for the holidays. These star-shaped ornaments are so beautiful that they will be perfect for putting on the Christmas tree. All you need to do is find the twigs and tie together star-shaped using raffia in festive colors.

DIY Christmas Tree For Outdoors

Old barn boards or wooden pallets will be perfect for a self-made Christmas Tree for the outdoors. You have to tie the boards with a toggle to make the tree and then you can decorate it with a light garland and light it. Easy, right? Yes, this project is not difficult indeed and you will have a beautiful decoration for the garden or the veranda. You do not want to color it unless you want to. And you can also decorate it with greenery ornaments or if you want to make it even more beautiful.

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