23+ DIY Vertical Balcony Garden Ideas, Advice, Tips And Photos

Do you want to create a garden with a vertical balcony? Well, you are absolutely right to want to make a vertical garden, because the beautiful flower pots placed on the ground often shrink the living space. Thus, we lose the pleasure of meditating on our Iquique balcony. For this problem, there is only one solution to consider: the creation of a vertical balcony garden ideas, which will brighten the atmosphere while bringing a touch of freshness to the outdoor decor. In addition, you can easily install all of your outdoor furniture without unnecessarily cluttering the space. Come on, let’s go for a nice demonstration of inspiring photos.

Vertical Balcony Garden And Practical Planning Advice In 20 Photos

The arrangement of a vertical balcony garden or a vertical vegetable patch is the ideal solution for all those who have only a few square meters. The vertical balcony garden will also allow you to grow a wide variety of plants and flowers to transform the space into a small, environmentally friendly haven.

Vertical Balcony Garden With PVC Tubes

There are several ways to plan your future balcony garden vertically: you can either make a green wall or fix a wooden structure that will house your planters, pots, shelves, etc. The trick is not to opt for large plants, which tend to take up too much space.

Create A Vertical Vegetable Garden With Our Creative Suggestions!

To make a modern balcony Vertical Vegetable garden, we suggest that you arrange your flower pots symmetrically and precisely, this type of arrangement being typical of the minimalist style. And for your vegetables, you can install a series of wall shelves, like the example below.

Vertical Balcony Garden With Hanging Flower Pots

For a vertical balcony garden with rustic inspiration, you can plant your plants in braided pots made of exotic wood. Then, you have to hang them as you wish and voila. Also, remember to choose original support in wrought iron or stainless steel.

Create A Vertical Balcony Garden From Recycled Objects And Furniture!

The idea of ​​poking here? If you want to create a vertical balcony garden without breaking the bank, we suggest that you use old recycled objects to give them a second life by transforming them into beautiful flower pots.

The Green Wall Will Allow You To Free Up Floor Space!

If you have decided to build a green wall, do not hesitate to use recycled materials such as wooden pallets, gutters or plastic bottles. As far as plants are concerned, you have the freedom of choice: wisteria, ivy, jasmine, rose, honeysuckle.

Treat Yourself To A Wooden Trellis To Create A Vertical Balcony Garden!

A nice alternative to the green wall is the wooden trellis! Dress the walls of your balcony with a wooden trellis, then hang your favorite plants on it! Thus, your plantations will finally rise high in the sky.

Vertical Garden In A Recycled Storage Cabinet In The Three-Story Planter

Below another tip to free up floor space: an old storage unit transformed into a huge planter on three levels. Associated with a space-saving suspension system, you can finally enlarge your balcony garden without having to do heavy work.

Light Wooden Planters To Make A Vertical Balcony Garden In A Rustic Style

To arrange a rustic-style balcony garden, you can assemble light wood slats to form large planters. Once the assembly is complete, you just have to fix them on one of your exterior walls.

Vertical Garden In Furniture Recovered From Solid Wood Pallets

Fall for this vertical balcony garden made from a pallet storage unit. To refresh your recycled furniture, we recommend that you paint it in the sparkling color of your choice.

Choose Original Support To Repair Your Flower Pots!

And to sublimate the chic landscaped garden of the balcony, nothing like wooden support repainted in bright red! To make your installation even more authentic, bet on a patinated wooden structure or unearth vintage metal support.

Vertical Balcony Garden With Succulents In Terracotta Pots

Below, the classic balcony garden in all its splendor: this model of the arrangement of flowerpots is perfect for all those who honor classic design.

Tower Of Falsely Tilted Flower Pots

How about a dancing balcony garden? Yes, take inspiration from the image below to make a tower of stacked flower pots. If you do not dare to start creating an artistic column, you can hang your pots on the bars of the railing.

Mirror In The Vertical Balcony Garden

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