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17+ Amazing DIY Sliding Barn Door Ideas For The Unmatched Rustic Room

In recent years, the interior design style of home and apartment owners has evolved considerably. From a pompous and brilliant style, a few decades ago, to a modest interior and more and soberer nowadays, we aspire to the simplicity and the greenway of life. This has led to a phenomenal rise in home renovation projects that reuse and recycle materials in a brilliantly adaptive manner. 

For the same reasons, we have witnessed the great renaissance of styles that like salvaged objects, such as industrial, vintage and rustic style. Yes, simple designs, old objects and raw materials are back! Today, Decorloving is pleased to present 17+ beautiful ideas on the interior door from the rustic-style adult bedroom – including the sliding barn door! Discover its authentic charm through our photo gallery and choose the best design for you!

Double sliding barn door to the dressing room in the contemporary bedroom

Country atmosphere highlighted by the sliding door in raw wood

Foldaway 2 person bed and sliding barn door to save space

Double sliding barn door between bedroom and bathroom

The barn-style sliding door, apart from being functional, brings an unparalleled rustic accent to the contemporary adult bedroom. One might think that by choosing such a rustic door , you have to redo the whole room or at least redecorate it. In fact, the sliding wooden door can be harmoniously combined with several styles of interior design and various decorations. We have already mentioned the vintage and industrial style, which seem logical choices, as they love to exploit the old objects, the combination of wood and metal and the general raw materials. But do you know that this type of suspended door can also be part of the modern, even minimalist interior?

Black steel rail and wood barn door for unmatched authentic charm

Minimalist white room with barn door hanging on solid wood rail

Taupe grey tiled floor and rough wooden sliding barn door

When you choose the barn sliding door, you look especially for the authenticity of the materials – the wrought iron rail or other patinated metal, the raw solid wood door, etc. However, there are owners who prefer to put a surprising touch of color in their rest area to better structure or to add a touch teasing.

Parental suite under the eaves with magnificent sliding barn door made of recycled wood

Pristine white walls and sliding barn doors in light wood

Sliding barn door in Blue contrasted with white panelling

Whatever the theme and style of your interior, you can add a barn door painted in color compared to the rest of the room, to introduce a unique element and to energize the space a little. Thus one gets a particular atmosphere that is not overloaded with “country charm”, but that is authentic and elegant at the same time. Purple gray, mauve and taupe work well in traditional interiors and blend with wooden furniture on a discreet background. The orange-red, pale green and vibrant yellow introduce a playful element unmatched in mountain chalet-style rooms where the walls, floor and ceiling are covered with wood, but combine with either white wall paneling or paint mural in light color! The barn sliding door in surprising color can not only become eye-catching in the room, but also go beyond the decoration.

Sliding barn door in wood yellow color with dual function

Sliding wooden barn door and snow white wall paint

Suspended rail barn door in pastel yellow for an elegant but fresh style

But the sliding barn door in the room is not part of the decoration category. Aside from being an aesthetic element, it has several practical advantages that many homeowners can take advantage of. It’s most obvious, but also most appreciated, functional asset is that it will save you a lot of space by opening it, compared to the traditional hinged door. In the small room, where each square cm is precious, you cannot afford to lose space. Do not miss another great advantage of the sliding door – it guarantees a super easy access, since to open or close it pushes gently and the door slips on the rail, that’s it! Thanks to modern mechanisms this process is easy, fast and very quiet.

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