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DIY Headboard – 26 ideas You Can Do It Easily At Home

As we all know, bed comfort is essential for good rest and quality restful sleep. But a lesser-known fact is that decorative accents in the bedroom are really just as important as furniture in order to feel comfortable in this room intended for absolute relaxation and privacy. And although aesthetic decorating is often too expensive, there are always affordable and attractive alternatives to decorate the bedroom in a tasteful way. For example, the DIY Headboard – an artistic addition to enhancing the style of your existing bed! We offer 26 original designs to serve as inspiration for your own headboard unique design to make by yourself. Enjoy it!

DIY headboard in old books!

Are you a person who loves to read well and at the same time appreciates the unparalleled beauty of antiques? So next time when you go shopping, skip the big malls and visit the antique store! Collect some old used books with beautiful yellowed pages and you won’t regret your shopping! These precious objects are the material par excellence for a DIY headboard for passionate readers.

DIY headboard with super-practical storage

Wood pallets are a very inexpensive material with many different applications which is becoming more and more popular. If you have a knack for tinkering with wood, as well as the necessary tooling, try a do-it-yourself headboard with convenient storage space from pallets. Apart from being super pretty, this homemade headboard provides functional niches for bedside lamps, books, alarm clocks, picture frames, and more.

False headboard to be drawn in chalk on a blackboard paint background!

And if the previous proposal was one of the most useful, this one is diametrically opposed to it. Because it is hyper-decorative! The DIY Slate Paint and Chalk Decor Fake Headboard are one of the easiest and at the same time the cheapest, ways to spruce up your grown-up bedroom while looking fresh. test your inner artistic abilities! Of course, you won’t be able to rely on the designs to store your things, but the decorative effect is frankly great!

Headboard to make yourself – beautiful DIY idea in light garlands!

Who doesn’t love a garland of magical twinkling lights? We use them during the end of the year celebrations to decorate the exteriors and interiors of our homes… But did you know that we can use fairy lights to make an entire house? Well, at least one in 2D, installed on the wall above your bed! In fact, by using a few hooks in strategic places, you can store your lights in any desired shape imaginable. Another fabulous “false” idea offering lots of romantic charm, fairyland, and light conducive to intimacy!

Headboard and canopy with curtains and rod

We can all agree that the look of a four-poster bed is super chic, romantic, and even somewhat exotic. But why stop there? Instead of a classic headboard, make a fabric canopy and add a long curtain in various patterns, like in the photo above. Secure it halfway up with a regular curtain rod and let the end hang freely behind the bed. A major advantage of this do-it-yourself headboard is that you can easily change the fabric when you change your bedroom decor or when you are getting bore from it. In the end, 2 yards of fabric costs less than construction from wood or other solid material.

Create a multicolored patchwork headboard to brighten up the decor of the room!

Then the padded, quilted, quilted head and so on is becoming a big hit among the owners in recent times. Opulent baroque, sober and chic or funny and surprising, it is currently super trendy. Ladies who have sewing as a favorite hobby, or have a lot of textile scraps for other reasons, can try to make it more attractive by covering it with scraps of fabric in mismatched colors and patterns! Don’t worry, the so-called DIY headboard with a patchwork effect keeps all of its decorative promises!

Do-it-yourself headboard with mint green painted louver shutters

What do you think of the do-it-yourself headboard shown in the photo above? Isn’t this a DIY idea that hardly gives way to prefabricated models? Based on 4 old shutters, a box of mint green paint, and full of artistic inspiration, this improvised construction. It proves that one does not necessarily have to go broke in order to nicely decorate a given room in our house. By the way, this design works perfectly with the soft pastel tone and white background and immediately evokes the beach and the ocean making it absolutely suitable for adult bedrooms with cottage chic style or seaside spirit.

 A crystal chandelier, decorative frames, and original headboard

Here is another great idea, which is based on the same basic principle, but differs in a specific material. All jokes aside, after renovations at home, we always have lots of items that are no longer needed that are not necessarily intended for the trash. More often than not, these are replaced elements of our past decor that aren’t broken and still work, but they look a bit dated. Think about whether it might not be possible to put them to use in other ways, such as craft materials for your next DIY headboard or in another inspiring project. And if you are short of ideas, you can always visit and borrow a new must-have proposition!

Other ideas on the DIY headboard to beautify the bedroom


Reclaimed wood DIY headboard and bedside table in wooden crates

Do-it-yourself adhesive tape fake headboard

Do-it-yourself headboard for the Scandinavian-style bedroom


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