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17 Easy DIY Christmas Ball Ornaments To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

The Noë balls are such a traditional decoration that we can not do without. But not all Christmas balls need to be the same, they do not have to be used for the decoration of the tree. Use your imagination! You can easily find decorative balls on which you can write with chalk, or color them in your favorite colors.

Colorful gold with beautiful winter grounds, do not just put them on the tree! Put some White Christmas balls in a frame and put the frame where you want a wall decoration. You can also decorate the mantel and dining table with Christmas balls placed in a jar or clear glass jar. To create a warm feeling, wrap the balls with knitted ‘coats’ or even fur! No matter which models and colors of balls you like, use them to make your festive decor even more original and exclusive!

Christmas balls are cheap and can be found in different colors, patterns, and sizes. They are the perfect accessories for many Christmas decorations. And if you have a lot of balls and you do not know how to incorporate them into your festive decor.

Christmas Balls For An Original And Festive Decor

Table Decoration

Make a beautiful centerpiece with balls and Christmas ornaments. Choose the ornaments and the balls of colors and colors corresponding to the style of decoration you have chosen, put them in a bowl, garlands, foliage or even candles. flowers. And now, your centerpiece is ready and it has not taken more than a few minutes.

Beautiful Table Decorated With Christmas Balls In The Middle

Christmas Wreaths And Wreaths

You can make a beautiful Christmas wreath or a beautiful decorative wreath and decorate them with balls. You can use them for the decoration of the fireplace, on the windows, on the front door or even put them on the head of your bed or that of the children. This type of decorations is easy to do and you need to find a good tutorial on the internet.

Fireplace Decor With A Garland Of Decorative Balls

Christmas Sticker

There is nothing easier than to find some green branches and put them in a container. Fill in with natural elements such as pine cones and red berries. Then add some shabby chic Christmas balls with ornaments that glow to create contrast and you’ll have a beautiful Christmas vignette.

Christmas Decoration With Balls And Greenery

Decorations For Wine Glasses

Decorating wine glasses champagne glasses with Christmas balls is the perfect way for your guests. To decorate your glasses, you will need small balls. Then feed the balls one after the other on wire jewelry pins, bend the hook-shaped wire and slide it off the glass rod. The other way to decorate your glasses with balls is to simply stick the balls to the stems of the glasses.

Decoration For The Stairs

To hang in the air, hang big Christmas balls from the stairs or the top of the railing. You can hang large balls with ribbons or build smaller ones into a wreath hanging from the railing.

Cake Stand Decoration

Give decorative Christmas decorations on a beautiful cake stand. You can make an arrangement only with Christmas balls and other decorative ornaments or use em as decoration around a small Christmas tree on the ugly cake stand.

Hanging Decoration Above The Dining Table

Hang ornaments and decorative balls from the ceiling above the dining table to your guests and make your interior more festive. You can opt for colors like red and silver that are both very elegant and very festive.

Garland Of Christmas Balls

Tie decorative balls with thick ribbon to create a beautiful Christmas wreath that you can use to decorate windows or above the fireplace. You will need 40-50 balls in the colors of your choice and a ribbon of about 1m to create a rich and impressive garland.

Table Card With Decorative Balls

Tie cards with the names of your guests on a large Christmas ball and then place it in a bowl surrounded by cinnamon sticks to create a festive table look and very interesting. You can use balls of the same color or mix different colors and styles.

Lamp Decorated With Balls

If you have an open-base lamp, you can fill the empty space with Christmas balls of different sizes and colors. Opt for a monochrome look to make your decor more elegant or make a mix of colors to give shine to your decor. Here are many more interesting ideas in pictures that you can create with decorative balls.

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