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15+ Best Modern Dining Table In Wood, Metal And Glass

The modern dining table is the focal point of the dining room. The different models, materials and high quality are the properties that make the dining table the most important furniture of the contemporary home. The whole family gathers around the table for the holidays. In our gallery, we have selected original models of the modern dining table. You will find ideas for furnishing your own dining room with such an elegant table.

Square, rectangular or round, glass or wood, with or without extension, the dining room table is an essential piece of furniture in every apartment or house. However, for those looking for quality, original design and style, a simple dining table simply won’t do. The search for the perfect table therefore begins. We invite you to examine the following original ideas on the subject and, perhaps, you will find the perfect table for you.

Modern Dining Table – Original Designs

This elegant dining table with red legs, designed by Park Associated for Driade, is impressive. Its charm and elegance, combined with contemporary materials, make this table perfect for any interior. The rectangular tray is available in different styles, such as minimalist, classic, etc.

Which Dining Table To Choose?

In order to make sure that you have made the best decision when purchasing the perfect modern dining table, you must first know exactly what you want. The choice is very difficult to make, but when looking at the following photos, try to imagine the models you like in your own dining room or kitchen. So you can easily analyze whether you want a wooden or glass dining table, around one or if you prefer square ones.

Modern Dining Table With Original And Elegant Design

A modern marble dining table has a classic and chic look. The oval shape symbolizes perfection. If there is a round table in your dining room, it will bring harmony and elegance.

White Chairs Around The Modern Dining Table

This modern table combines wood and metal – it’s like interpreting the Yin and Yang symbols. Wood (warm) and metal (cold) combine perfectly to bring complete harmony to the interior.

Elegant White Chairs Around The Glass Table

This original table, whose top is in transparent glass, is located on the border between design and sculpture. The general impression is delicacy, elegance, and originality.

Black Chairs Around The Elegant Glass Table

This modern dining table has its own character. The tray and the legs are irregular in shape. The rounded corners are made of wood fibers.

Dining Table With Raw Solid Wood Top

Rustic elements and contemporary accents, respectively the raw wood tabletop and white chairs, are used to create an incredibly attractive modern decor, complemented by the trio of pendant lights of modern design. It is a welcoming dining room where you can linger for hours over a delicious meal and a pleasant conversation with family and friends.

Keep in mind that the round table is very practical, as it can comfortably accommodate several people at the same time. The central pedestal table allows you to move the chairs freely around the table without feeling limited.

Male Dining Table And Female Chairs

Modern lines, pure and simple, sometimes tend to appear austere. These purple plastic chairs, with matching mosaic and lighting, help make the space softer, through the use of feminine colors and create a balanced modern style, perfect for a couple.

Round Wooden Table In Black And White

Dark Wooden Table In The Dining Room

Black Wooden Table With White Chairs

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