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15 Lovely Dining Room Mirror Design Ideas For Dining Room Wall Decor

The mirror is one of the ideal solutions to enlarge the room. If you have a small dining room or are simply looking for a nice mirror, we recommend you to discover our gallery of inspiring dining room mirror ideas. Then, read our advice on how to install your mirror according to the principles of the famous Chinese art: Feng Shui.

To be sure that your mirror is well installed, just follow this very simple principle: the sun should not be reflected in the mirror. This makes the view uncomfortable and blinding and moreover – builds up negative energy. Did you know why you should never put a mirror directly in front of the front door? According to Feng Shui , the energy that will come back to the opening of the door will immediately go out. In addition, it may give a bad feeling on entering the apartment or room. Your guests may feel uncomfortable falling on a mirror as soon as they arrive.

On the other hand, if your hallway is small, you can put the mirror on the opposite wall. This will enlarge the space. Two face to face mirrors is also a bad idea. They will send the Chi away incessantly. This can be very burdensome in terms of energy. When it comes to size, it’s nice to have mirrors of all sizes. With small mirrors only, you will have a restricted view of your person. You will need at least one big one.

An element of decoration beautiful and practical at the same time, the mirrors are also a way to enlarge the space without one being forced to push walls. They can change the proportions of a room. Depending on their shape and location, you will see that their reflection will visually expand your dining room. They create a perspective and bring back light. You can opt for a custom mirror, wall mounted, design, stand and others.

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