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10 Cool Objects To Put On A Decorative Fireplace For DIY Home Decor

A decorative fireplace full of style

A fireplace never lit? Chic then. The decorative fireplace is the perfect support for alignment of stylish objects, those that give character to the room without forcing. To take advantage of a strong architectural element, we use it as a design shelf by putting on our finest accessories.

1: Candles On a decorative fireplace

If there is no fire in the chimney, you can flambe the mantel of a decorative fireplace. Figuratively, of course, with a string of candles aligned. Needless to say that when you choose to insert leaves or branches, it is false candles or candles only extinct.

2: A decorative fireplace decorated with frames

The trick of trendy decorative fireplaces? A mix & match of mixed frames, between framed photos, inspirational quotes, and playful illustrations. We add a few plants, one or two trinkets, we finish with a vintage frame hanging above. Most importantly, we harmonize everything with one or two colors recalled by keys.

3: A clock on a decorative fireplace

Here is a decorative object that makes its small effect on a fireplace. Old alarm clock or retro clock, everything is possible, as long as the accessories display a beautiful patina, a screen, and needles. We have a white decorative fireplace, we have a touch of color, we have a few books, a plant and we admire.

4: A vase on a decorative fireplace

A simple idea to decorate a decorative stucco fireplace? A vase, preferably old, to respect the traditional spirit of the fireplace. With delicate patterns and contrasting colors to the whole thing, the decor wins with design, especially with design sconces next door.

5: A decorative fireplace with a colorful collection

Simple and frankly bluffing, a nice collection of trinkets, vases and colored bottles. Simply collect a series of objects or containers in the same colored shades, put them on top. The effect works with or without flowers in the vases.

6: A mirror on a decorative fireplace

Boost brightness while adding charm to a decorative fireplace? Easy. We choose a large mirror of character, we’re done on the mantle. And according to the decor, we can opt for a classic mirror style for a modern mirror of contemporary spirit, to choose from.

7: A decorative fireplace with a picture

What could be easier than a beautiful work of art on a decorative fireplace? Photo gold painting, we install our favorite painting directly on the coat. An arty touch that gives a style to any room without a fire, especially on a white floor with a green plant nearby.

8: Flowers to soften a decorative fireplace

With a series of soliflores lined up on the mantel of a decorative fireplace, or even in the hearth, the decor is transformed into a romantic fairy shabby chic. An atmosphere both and timeless, to simplify by opting for artificial flowers or dried flowers.

9: A chic decorative fireplace with books

Too classic, the flowers? We work with the stacks of books on a decorative fireplace. Perfect for adding cachet to the room, it’s rows of contemporary books. Stalls of old books embedded in the still life of flowers, fruits, and candles.

10: A decorative Christmas fireplace

Okay, it’s a year. But at Christmas, we did not find a better decor than the decor, with light garlands, fir branches, and candlesticks. Moreover, bed or not, we will not hesitate to hang traditional socks on the edge of the fireplace.

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