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Amazing Decorated Flower Pots Designs For Home

Do you like decorated flower pots and have lots of them at home? Then, you know that they are an essential interior decoration for your rooms, garden or balcony. Today, we present you with some DIY ideas on how to refresh them and give them new life. The decorated flower pot will highlight your pretty plants and fully integrate them into the decor.

Decorated Flower Pots – transform old pots into pretty decorative accessories!

You will need some small DIY accessories (scissors, glue, nail polish, brush, tape, etc.) that you can find at home. This way, you will give the plants a new look without spending around. Are you ready for some great weekend art therapy? So go for it!

Marine style flower pot

It’s the holiday season by the sea, so let’s start with this easy shell decoration. Bring the summer spirit into your home and keep it throughout the year. Here are the materials to get:

  • flowerpot or pot
  • the seashells you collected during the holidays
  • silicone glue

It’s a super quick craft project, but also very interesting. Our advice is to place the decorated flower pots on the balcony and add a few more marine style decorations. In this case, bet on the colors blue and white.

Decorated Flower Pots with Multicolored Pearls

To give a colorful touch to your flower pot, get beads, or various pebbles. Here is the full list of materials needed:

  • pearls or pebbles
  • glue or double-sided adhesive tape
  • pliers
  • optional: ribbon

Unleash your creativity and take the pearls of your choice. You can use an old necklace or nail rhinestones. This technique is preferred for small pots, so avoid it if you want to decorate a large container.

Animal Flower Pot

Do you like animals? Then make a small zoo at home with our five easy painting ideas. In this case, acrylic paints are the best choice. You can buy five paints of primary colors – red, yellow, green, blue, white – and mix them to get the preferred color. Another option is to use nail polish and permanent marker. With the marker, it will be easier to draw details, such as the eyes.

Amigurumi Flower Pot

For the most creative, we offer this manual crochet activity. Cute, right? This type of DIY is called “amigurumi.” You can buy a kit in the stores to crochet or use alternative materials.

Flowerpot In Geometric Details

This inspiration will be perfect for your aromatic plants on the balcony—Color a few identical flower pots in different colors. Next, make triangles or other geometric figures. To make them correctly traced, use an adhesive tape. If you prefer oval shapes, take a roll of toilet paper, dip the edges in paint and then dab on the jar. The potato stamp is also an original idea, which can help you make ideal figures.

Mosaic Flowerpot

We continue with this flower pot decorated with frosted sea glasses. This eco-friendly idea is a real artistic project, and if you live near the sea, you can enjoy it for free. Glue the glasses with glue and create this mosaic style.

Minimalist Flower Pot

This minimalist style is perfect for the interior. All you need is paint and a brush. There are no rules here. You have to coordinate the colors with those of your room. So be creative!


Boho Decoration

A hipster and boho pot is our next proposition. Take a woven strip and accessories of your choice. In this case, we chose a small pompom with golden pearls.

The Faux Marble Effect

The marble creations are expensive but very stylish. We show you, therefore, how to elaborate these imitation marble flowerpots. Prepare acrylic colors of your choice: white and black, pink and white or blue and white for a marine effect. There are three different methods:

  • Put acrylic paints in water or on shaving foam.
  • Mix nail polish in water. They form a film on the water table. Immerse the jar in it, and the film will stick to it.
  • Make the pot using Fimo paste. Bake at 110ºC for 20 minutes, and you are ready to plant your flower.

Smiling Decorated Flower Pots

Get inspired by emoticons and create an optimistic atmosphere at home. If your pots are yellow, you have to paint the faces with varnishes or markers. Otherwise, start with the complete coloring of the pots.


Cut Flowerpot

The cutting technique is one of the easiest to use. Bet on it if you want to decorate a larger pot. Take paper towels and follow the steps shown in the photo above. It is essential to have a white flower pot or to color it before you start. Use a liquid and transparent glue.

Minimalist and super easy to make flower pots

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