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Best Curtains Ideas For A Child’s Room Decor

Give Style To Your Children’s Windows

Colorful, pastels, plain or patterned, curtains are very important in the decoration of a room. They participate in the general atmosphere and bring a touch of character. And the rooms of our little darlings are not left out. Let’s now see which curtains are best for a child’s room.

What Curtains For A Girl’s Room?

As soon as we evoke a girl’s room, we spontaneously think of the pink color. You can quite put pink curtains in your daughter’s bedroom to assert the girly side. However, be careful not to use this color in the room at the risk that all the elements are confused and none comes out. But the rose is not the only solution available to you. Dare to be original by choosing a pastel hue such as a soft yellow or a water green that will help create an atmosphere full of sweetness and freshness to the room.

What Curtains For A Boy’s Room?

Just as the rose is naturally in our mind for a girl’s room, blue is essential for boys. But here again, it is neither an obligation nor the only proposition that exists. Remember to head for green tones such as linden, khaki or anise. The room will retain a masculine atmosphere but also sweet and childish. You can also bet on colors full of pep and vitality such as orange, yellow or turquoise. You can then coordinate the bed linen to your curtains and temporize the rest of the room with selected furniture in light shades.

What Curtains For A Mixed Room?

For reasons of space, some children are obliged to share the same room. It is therefore appropriate in this case to choose a decoration that suits both a boy and a girl. Two solutions are then possible. You can first choose neutral colors. Indeed, cream, white, taupe or gray can be interesting. Otherwise, dare to originality and dress the windows with bright shades by choosing orange or yellow curtains.

Cotton Curtains

Easy to maintain, cotton is most often chosen for children’s rooms. In addition to this practical aspect, the cotton curtains are also appreciated for their lightness and their affordable rates that allow changing according to your desires.

Blackout Curtains

These curtains are very practical if your windows do not have shutters. With their composition that does not filter the light, you just have to pull your curtains at the time of nap or bedtime to get a dark room suitable for falling asleep.


Light and colorful, the curtains have the advantage to let it freely pass the light. The bedroom keeps a beautiful light. Your child will be able to play or do their homework while enjoying the daylight, which is more enjoyable and healthier.

Patterned Curtains

Children often like certain animals, heroes or heroines. You can then opt for curtains taking up their passion for patterns. It’s a way to decorate their room while personalizing it. Perfect in a thematic room, they are then the little extra detail that makes all the difference. An added benefit: When your child’s tastes change, all you have to do is change the curtains to plunge your room into a whole new atmosphere. You can also choose more sober patterns than stripes or tiles with timeless charm.

Plain Curtains

The plain curtains are a safe bet. Their sobriety allows them to adapt to all types of decorations that they will not risk to weigh down if it is already loaded by posters or other decorative objects. On the other hand, you can choose them in bright and assertive tones to bring pep to the piece.

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