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Trendy Covered Terrace Ideas With The Wooden Sunshade For Home Decor

A covered terrace offers owners several advantages. This not only gives them the opportunity to expand their living space but also allows them to enjoy the garden and the outdoors in general, even when the weather is not suitable. The patio awning protects us from bad weather when it is cooler or rains and gives us shade in summer. But apart from its functionality, it can be an undeniable attraction of the facade of our house. Take a look at the following ideas on the wooden awning and pergola for the patio of the house and take advantage of the beautiful photos.

Covered Terrace – Joists And Wooden Columns

If the neighboring buildings and the trees surrounding them cast shade on your patio, then you’re in luck! The reason is that you really don’t need a “full” roof or any other type of massive construction. This would darken your garden furniture or your outdoor seating area more which is not always pleasant. A translucent awning (wooden frame and glass or acrylic panels) be the most appropriate covered patio option.

A Construction With Several Practical And Aesthetic Advantages

It is, in fact, the roof variant par excellence of chalets located at significant altitudes used in the middle of winter. With his help, he captures the maximum of heat and daylight and therefore takes full advantage of the space. You can, for example, have your morning coffee enjoying the panorama around without fear of the cold and even stay there late at night, a glass of red wine in your hand while admiring the magical starry sky, perfectly visible from the terrace covered transparent!

The Glass Roof And Balustrade Allow Maximum Daylight

Although it costs more, we recommend that you hire professionals for this type of construction, instead of trying to do it and assemble it alone, as it is not an easy task at all. It requires to determine exactly all the dimensions and to make several more or less complex calculations. In addition, careful planning and the use of specialized tools are essential. Do not underestimate the safety reasons and the fact that professionals can also guarantee their work.

For A Trendy Covered Terrace, Opt For A Back-To-Back Pergola!

Let’s talk about the harmonious design of the covered terrace in town! This lean-to awning protects both the sun and the weather in the dining room and garden furniture. You can enjoy the freshness even late at night because the sides are not close which allows good air circulation. From the charming terrace, you can easily pass to the real living room inside the house, thanks to the large sliding picture windows. These offer good thermal and acoustic insulation but also do not prevent the view in 2 directions.

Nothing Better For Your Covered Terrace Than An Original Pergola!

Another fantastic possibility to cover a terrace in style is a solid wood pergola, even when it is not adjacent to the house. This one is hexagonal in shape and is fitted with superb white curtains which add a touch of mysterious exoticism. Located higher than the rest of the garden and surrounded by superb ornamental plants, this outdoor corner is a real haven of serenity and relaxation at your fingertips!

Zen-Style Covered Terrace, Japanese Style

A massive roof in reddish exotic wood will bring a touch of originality to your exterior decoration and full of oriental fantasy! The most ambitious can even shape it to give it the typical shape of roofs in Japanese and Chinese architecture. For it to be Zen, your covered terrace must include each of the 5 elements linked to the Asian philosophy. You can accomplish it symbolically, through the plants that correspond to them, or more directly. For example, a fountain or a chain of rain symbolizing water, a brazier or a fireplace for fire, etc.

Closed Rustic-Style Terrace With Exposed Beams And Stone Fireplace

And it’s also how to integrate stone and metal! Joking aside, a covered terrace that houses not only a dining room but also a summer kitchen requires greater efforts in terms of investment and time for completion. Logically, the materials used for its construction must also be robust and durable to withstand outdoor conditions. And if mountain chalets favor wood and translucent materials, the Mediterranean has its own priorities. Natural stone and concrete are the materials to choose for the floor because they retain freshness better.

Covered And Glazed Gallery With Hammock

In order to increase their living space, some owners choose not only to cover but also to close their terraces, verandas, etc. This option seems to be very popular in recent years and the annexes of houses have become a ubiquitous phenomenon. It is surrounded by a canopy with a black steel frame, painted in pristine white and nicely furnished as a rest area for the family child and his 4-legged friend. Its furniture includes only an armchair and a side table painted in blue and a superb hammock which is, in fact, the star of design. Finally, we crowned the corner with a ceiling fan ensuring a lot of freshness in summer.

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