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Colorful Halloween Pumpkin Arch: A Superb Colorful Decoration Idea

Halloween is approaching and you are eager to decorate your garden and porch in the most original way? Sometimes it is difficult to be creative and not fall for the banality. If you’re lacking inspiration, we’ve got a great idea that’s sure to interest you. What do you think of making a colorful Halloween pumpkin arch? This DIY project promises to bring color and cheerfulness to your front door while inviting the spirit of celebration into your home!


A Colorful Halloween Pumpkin Arch or a real rainbow in front of the front door?

Fancy a Halloween party like no other? If this is your fancy, all you need is a great idea of ​​original and colorful porch decoration. Forget about conventional decorations! Make a Halloween pumpkin arch that will wow your family, friends, and all the neighbors. This colorful Halloween arch will bring a breath of fresh air to your outdoor space while standing out against the fall palette. A real rainbow, this sculpture in bright colors will attract all eyes and admiration.

How to Make a Colorful Halloween Pumpkin Arch?

In order for your Halloween arch to withstand the vagaries of the weather, you have to choose your material well. Styrofoam pumpkins will do the job just fine as these are lightweight, easy to pierce, and color. In addition, the variety of sizes allows the project to be adapted to individual constraints. Another advantage of styrofoam pumpkins is that even children can turn them into unusual decorations to celebrate October 31st.

Necessary material :

1•34 styrofoam pumpkins, in different sizes and shapes

2• Spray paint

3• PVC pipes (the number depends on the size of your arch); 6 meters for this project

4• 1 PVC pipe connector

5• 1 bag of 25 kg cement

6• 2 large buckets which will serve as bases

7• 1 drill

8• 1 circular drill

9•Metal wire

Instructions :

1. First, determine the color scheme for your Halloween archway.
2. Using masking tape, cover the stems of all the pumpkins.
3. Now for the fun part! Paint the styrofoam pumpkins by spraying them with your spray paints. Let dry well before applying a new coat. It may be necessary to apply up to 3 coats of paint for the result to be flawless.
4. Let the pumpkins dry at least 24 hours before proceeding to the next step.
5. Prepare the cement and pour it immediately into the two buckets which will serve as the bases for the arch.
6. Without wasting time, plant the PVC pipes in the cement and let dry, ideally overnight.
7. After the paint is dry, line up the pumpkins in the order you want them to be distributed on the arch.

8. For your convenience, you can number the pumpkins.
9. Measure the diameter of the PVC pipes to get an idea of ​​the size of the hole you will need to dig in each of the pumpkins.
10. Once the first hole has been dug in a pumpkin, thread PVC pipe through it. Repeat for the rest of the pumpkins, making sure they are all snug.
11. Take special care when assembling the two pipes at the top of the arch. This is where you should use the PVC fitting.
12. Finally, all you have to do is hide the buckets by adding a few more pumpkins.

Some useful decor tips

In order to make a typical Halloween pumpkin arch in the spirit of the party, you’d better use spray paints in the orange-black-red range. For an even more “wow” effect, do not hesitate to draw faces on the pumpkins, once they are painted.
On the other hand, if your desire is to create a more modern than traditional Halloween decoration, it is advisable to bet on a large palette of bright colors, such as pink, cyclamen, magenta, coral, carmine, yellow, saffron, blue cobalt, duck, green and purple. Another great idea for those who prefer modern and dramatic settings, making a black and white painted pumpkin arch is a project worth your attention.

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