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20 Styles Of Multi-Level Coffee Tables Ideas For Home Decor

Design And Versatile Coffee Tables To Store Everything

And if we opted for a coffee table as design as functional? The multi-level coffee table hides the little bazaar and adds a decorative touch to a living room, bedroom or studio. What makes you want to think twice (and two levels) before choosing the small furniture.

1: An Industrial Metal Coffee Table

A miniature all-around format, a base in black metal, a metal tray and another raw wood. That’s how to bluff the guests with a low table at several levels, both featherweight, and ultra-trendy. Not only is it perfect in an industrial-style loft style, but it also adapts to any modern, minimalist style gold design.

2: A Retro Wood Seventies Coffee Table

In the full seventies trend, the miniature coffee table in varnished wood is a must in retro lounges. Good news, it is also unearthed on several levels, marries wonderfully with contemporary decor and adds a real arty note to the room. The good details? Rounded lines and brass elements.

3: Scandinavian Coffee Table In Two Parts

What if we created a multi-level coffee table? With two Scandinavian style mini coffee tables, a mixture of light wood, round shapes, and white trays, Nordic softness, trendy deco, low price, and total modularity. Nesting tables that play both coffee tables and pedestal tables.

4: A Reclaimed Coffee Table With Pallets

We know you know the trend of furniture on the fingertips of your handyman. But because it still sucks as much, we will not hesitate to make a number of recommendations to your glass tray trendy.

5: A Contemporary Coffee Table In Black And Glass

Sometimes the simplest furniture is the most deco. In the family of low tiered tables, a minimalist and a rectangular model are enough to give a contemporary living room a touch. With its glass tray, it plays the card design, a good way to boost the decor in pink and white.

6: A Rustic Coffee Table Made Of Raw Wood

An elaborate version of the table pallet, the raw wood coffee table can be made by those who master the saw and hammer. And with its incredibly rustic look, it is as perfect in the living room as in the veranda, in an ethnic decor that natural … She knows how to do everything, including complete the garden furniture provided you treat the wood beforehand.

7: An Offbeat Design Coffee Table

In modern decor, the design of the coffee table in white lacquered always makes its small effect, especially if the decor is full of bright colors. And when you’re lucky, you can find a multi-level coffee table whose off-set table creates an ultra-chic asymmetry in a carved way, enough to give the salon an air of art gallery.

8: A Modular Round Coffee Table

Want a coffee table at a modern and warm, original and flexible? The industrial codes are associated with light wood and gray metal, with classic codes and a round coffee table and its trundle. As deco as functional, they fit together and dislocate with the desire and number of guests.

9: A Metal Coffee Table With Mesh Wheels

Why not combines chic and practical? With an industrial and Scandinavian coffee table, with levels and wheels, we take a look at the table and the table. A wooden tray, rounded lines and an XXL lower tray for storing books, magazines, computers or children’s toys, that’s how to keep a tidy salon without compromising on trends.

10: An Exotic Coffee Table For Outdoors

On the terrace also, we appreciate the practice of a coffee table on several levels … especially when it is made in a block of beautiful exotic wood, as durable as warm, to create a cozy and ethnic lounge area at a time! The thing more? A wooden floor and matching seats, armchair or sofa version, with large cushions in soft colors.

11: A Cheap Minimalist Coffee Table

No need to invest your PEL in a coffee table when you design a small living room or a student studio. The big decoration blinds are simple and cheap multi-level coffee tables, often in kit and self-assembly, that adapt to all interior atmospheres with their minimalist look. In white, deco faux pas is impossible.

12: A Retro-Chic Wood Coffee Table

If the oval coffee table is decidedly retro, polished clear wood and smooth edges are decidedly Scandinavian. The result, a style of furniture that mixes with the decor, a warm wood coffee table, and several levels to keep the living room tidy. Add warm colors, grays and a touch of black, you get a decoration as you like it, even with a retro table.

13: A Vintage And Futuristic Coffee Table At A Time

When you do not have the chance to find a vintage version straight out of the 70s, you can find a modern version in the current collections. In any case, the futuristic multi-level coffee table, round and cut on its small wheels, is a hit in the living rooms. Especially in a bohemian atmosphere, it boosts its daring design.

14: A Modern Coffee Table In Black And White

With a slender black metal base and two white trays with a slender profile, the multi-level table is as practical as it is practical. Its large format welcomes the small family of trays of small ovens, it is according to … and marries perfectly with a sober industrial deco, gray, beige and blue.

15: Ultra-Design Coffee Table In White And Stainless Steel

In an interior decoration rich in graphic patterns, it is better to play with a coffee table with a timeless design. Lacquered white, sharp edges, a square shape, two interlocking levels, and stainless steel legs, this is how to modernize classic sofas or retro wallpaper. The good detail? A geometric rug that echoes the wallpaper in a more contemporary version.

16: An Industrial Coffee Table With Wheels

Difficult to make more trends than the mixed metal and wood, the base of the industrial style. And if the materials are already perfect on a coffee table, they are even better when the wood coffee table is equipped with two raw wood trays embedded in a coal-black metal base, mounted on solid industrial wheels as useful as deco.

17: An Asymmetric Arty Coffee Table

It is minimalist, immaculate, refined, and it makes an effect beef in a living room. The secret? Contrast the ultra-contemporary look of the multi-flatter asymmetrical white coffee table with a warm, earth and stone tone decor, rich in natural materials and refined textures. The ethnic touch is a bonus.

18: A Coffee Table Glass And Refined Metal

In modern decor as a neoclassical interior, the luxury of metal and glass combined add a touch of elegance to the living room. With its two shiny trays, the multi-level coffee tables houses, books, vases, and other decorative objects … and contrasts beautifully with a gray and fluffy shaggy carpet that warms the shades of gray.

19: A Classic Dark Wood Coffee Table

Hinged or old-fashioned wooden tables can also become the star of the decor. The good idea? Shift its vintage and classic look with more contemporary wall decoration, mixing pastel colors in monochrome. An idea to stitch to modernize the coffee table in dark wood granny.

20: A Sleek Black Coffee Table

A minimalist rectangle that lets light in, a coal-black color and an elongated shape, metallic feet and immaculate decor. It’s hard to be more modern than the combination of black, white and metal, especially when the coffee table on several levels is so refined. We could almost make it ourselves before painting.

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