Coffee Station Kitchen: How you can Design Your Own Home Coffee Bar

Most people need a cup of hot and delicious coffee in the morning to start the day in good shape. Creative and modern coffee stations and coffee bars are a wonderful option to create a little space on your work surface and make your kitchen even cozier and inviting. To help you design your own coffee shop, we have put together the most beautiful ideas and inspirations for the coffee station kitchen for you in this article. Let yourself be inspired!


In many cases, people simply place their giant coffee machines on the wall or in a corner on the worktop where there is some space available. Wouldn’t it be a dream to have everything you need for the perfect cup of coffee or tea within reach? From old cabinets to serving trolleys – you can use just about anything to set up a coffee bar for the kitchen.

It’s So Easy To Set Up Your Own Coffee Station Kitchen

If you use your coffee machine several times a day or frequently invite friends and family to your home for coffee and cake, it makes sense to think about setting up your own coffee bar in the kitchen. In the following, we have summarized the most important steps that make the coffee station a real eye-catcher.

Find the right place – Is your kitchen big or small? How much space do you have for the coffee station? By choosing the right place, the room can be furnished much more practically. Remember that the coffee bar in the kitchen should not only be large enough for the coffee machine, but also for many other utensils. These include, for example, coffee cups, containers for coffee beans, sugar, and spices. Regardless of whether you use a fully automatic coffee machine, an espresso machine, or a kettle – you definitely need electricity. Therefore, make sure that the kitchen coffee station is close to at least one socket.

A coffee bar kitchen has to be easy to use – try the space to use your coffee station as efficiently as possible. So that you can prepare your coffee in peace, the worktop should be at least 1 meter long. We recommend that you choose a water-repellent worktop that can also be cleaned quickly. A cool desk pad made of plastic or an acrylic glass plate is also suitable for this. Storage space is the be-all and end-all in the kitchen of the kitchen station. Depending on whether you put it directly on the kitchen countertop, use a cart or an old cabinet – you always have to have a few shelves and compartments for storage.

The Perfect Coffee Bar In The Kitchen – What Shouldn’t Be Missing?

For the perfect morning routine, it is very important to have all the utensils for your coffee within reach. And here is a list of the things you need for the ultimate coffee station kitchen.

Logically, the coffee machine comes first. Stylish or funny coffee cup. Coffee can for coffee beans or coffee pod dispenser. Containers for sugar and coffee spoons – mason jars can be decorated according to your taste and give the coffee bar for the kitchen. A tray and serviettes shouldn’t be missing either. If you don’t have enough space for everything, you can hang a cool shelf on the wall and hang your coffee cup there.

Tips And Ideas For The Modern Design Of The Coffee Bar In The Kitchen

A kitchen station is actually much more than just a place for your coffee machine. Adapted to the rest of the interior, it becomes an eye-catcher and creates an inviting atmosphere. So that it doesn’t appear to be overloaded, you should make sure that the coffee bar in the kitchen harmonizes with the rest of the interior. Let your imagination run wild and first choose the color palette of your coffee bar. Would you like it to look simple and elegant, or would you like to set a highlight in the room?

Small plants or fresh flowers are a very good way to give the kitchen a little freshness. Depending on your lifestyle, instead of the pure white coffee cups, you can hang up the colorful and fun cups that you have collected over the years. The right wall design gives your coffee station kitchen a cool touch. Whether artwork, personal photos, or beautiful photo wallpapers – anything you like is allowed.

Turn A Serving Cart Into A Unique Mobile Coffee Station Kitchen

Do you have a small apartment and there is not enough space in the kitchen for a coffee bar? So how about a normal serving trolley? You can repaint and decorate it as you like. For a rustic touch, choose vintage-look coffee cups and containers and rattan storage baskets. Do you have a modern Scandinavian kitchen? Then the decoration for the coffee bar should be kept simple and elegant. Another advantage of the mobile coffee station is that it can be easily transported anywhere.

Place The Coffee Bar Directly On The Kitchen Worktop

The size of your kitchen plays an important role in setting up your coffee station. If you have a large countertop and maybe an empty closet, you can arrange your coffee paradise right there. Use a tablet to avoid chaos. The function should certainly come first, but the right decorations and some plants add even more personality and style to the room.

Coffee Station Kitchen – More Great Ideas To Get Inspired!

How often do you see a huge blackboard with the entire menu when you enter a cafe? Create a relaxing and inviting ambiance in your kitchen by using a small writing board as decoration for your own “café”. Funny and inspiring “good morning” sayings immediately put you in a good mood. Or simply write down the drinks that you can prepare with your coffee machine. This way, your guests know immediately what is on the drinks menu at home.

Rustic Style Coffee Station Kitchen Or Coffee Bar

If a modern and simple interior doesn’t suit your taste, this could be the answer. This rustic coffee station in traditional farmer style is definitely a winner. The white coffee cups form a great contrast to the light blue wall. The rattan storage baskets and the vintage porcelain teapots round off the design wonderfully.

Modern And Practical – Built-In Coffee Machine

You have no space in the kitchen or on the work surface, but a lot of cupboards? Then you are well-advised with a built-in coffee machine. They are practical and chic at the same time and you don’t have to worry too much about decorating.

Let Yourself Be Inspired By The Modern Lifestyle For Your Coffee Bar!

Even if you are hundreds of kilometers away from France, you can give your apartment a little Parisian charm with this coffee station kitchen.

Inexpensive And Effective – Build Your Own Coffee Station Kitchen

Upcycling ideas are good for the planet and for your wallet. You can also develop your creative and artistic side. Turn an old cabinet or chest of drawers into an amazing and unique coffee bar for the kitchen.

Give the old cabinet a modern touch by spicing it up with a marble slab with a slightly shiny finish.

Coffee Bar For Small Kitchens?

If you have a small kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you have to do without a good coffee bar. All you need is just a little space in the corner where you can set up a small side table or trolley. But what about the cups? Be creative and just hang them over the machine.

Do you find a small writing board rather banal and boring? Then transform the entire wall into your own achievement.

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