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20 Amazing Christmas Staircase Decoration Ideas In Your Entrance Hall

Christmas is about to knock on the door and your interior is already shining brightly. However, there is one thing that has probably escaped your attention in terms of decoration this year the entrance hall. This is probably one of the most frequented rooms in the house that we see first when we get home. Unfortunately, we very often tend to abandon it in its festive decor. However, the magical atmosphere in the entrance is just as important during the holiday season. So, to make a good impression in front of your guests, DecorLoving will present you with a Christmas staircase decoration in some magnificent ideas for all tastes and all interiors.


A Christmas Staircase Decoration To Accompany Your Tree Well

We all have a sense of creativity that we must display when the holiday season arrives. So, to start off on the right foot, let’s start with our Christmas staircase decoration. The first proposal that we have selected for you represents a great way to support your Christmas tree regardless of whether it will be natural or artificial. For the purpose, install some small decorative details, which match well with your tree, in strategic places. Decorative ribbons, pine branches, or artificial red berries, a few Christmas balls, and a light garland on the railing of the staircase will suffice to recreate a magical entrance out of the ordinary.

Natural Materials Are Highlighted In Your Christmas Staircase Decoration

As a rule, the staircase is a very easy place to decorate. The steps, the ramp, and the walls give us enough space to put all of our decor ideas into action. Pine cones or cedar cones, magnolia leaves or natural fir branches, pretty fall flowers, or decorative ribbons. Whatever you choose, all of these can be a great alternative to the traditional garland which we just talked about. In the specific case: in contrast to the white-painted banister, the authentic Christmas staircase decoration illustrated above only exudes luxury.

Folded Paper Stars Within Your Christmas Staircase Decoration

If, on the other hand, you want to get away from the classic Christmas decor completely, swap the multicolored balls and the garlands of light for a few folded paper stars. These will certainly enliven your decor. Their major advantage is that they can be made in all colors and shapes according to taste. Besides, these masterpieces are to hang everywhere in the house – on the tree, on the front door, or at the window. Nothing will even prevent you from using them for different occasions, such as your child’s birthday for example.

A Christmas Staircase Decoration Decorated With Light Garlands 

As for Christmas lights, it is always a great challenge to find a solution that is both practical and aesthetic. No matter where we put the light garlands, they must be near an electrical outlet, which is not at all easy especially if it is your Christmas staircase decoration. So, to create a magical atmosphere that will last throughout the holidays, bet on the garlands whose bulbs have a long life and which are more secure. As for the rest, it’s a breeze. The different models in the stores fold according to your desires and easily wrap around the ramps to ensure you a triumphant arrival from the first floor of the house.



Christmas Stair Decoration In Bows And Ribbons

Want to succeed in the chic and cozy atmosphere shown in the photo below? To do this, you must absolutely make your entire entrance hall as warm as that of your living room. Put small decorative elements, such as multicolored ribbons, everywhere in your interior, including the stair railings. These are the ideal place to give free rein to your imagination. To dress them up properly, don’t hesitate to juggle golden yellow, red and beige. These colors will immediately bring a festive air to your interior, as well as an impression of luxury.

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