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Christmas Decorations For 2020 – Trends That Never Get Old

Certainly one of our favorite end-of-year traditions is to find our storage boxes in the attic and decorate the house with the finds we take out of their interiors, all while classic Christmas carols play back and forth. -plan. Of course, the pandemic has changed our lives and will influence how we celebrate the holidays. However, one thing is certain – we will do our best to create a magical atmosphere and to offer original gifts in DIY packaging that will hit the mark. In order to inspire you, we are providing an overview in pictures and words of the 2020 Christmas Decorations trends that are a hit on Pinterest, Instagram, and Google.

Christmas Decorations For 2020 – trends to stage at home for unforgettable holidays

They say Christmas is a magical holiday, full of wonders and light. Part of this beautiful richness lies in the tactile impact of the festive decoration, in the exquisite delight of the smells and tastes of Christmas meals (cinnamon, citrus fruits, gingerbread), as well as in the colors and lights, memories, and expectations… Come explore with us the wide variety of themes and ideas that invite you to rediscover the joy and excitement of your childhood. Let’s take a more detailed look!

Nostalgic Decor For Christmas Decorations

Living through a global pandemic has made us appreciate the little things in life, so we fully embrace decorations evoking nostalgic memories, like the iconic ceramic Christmas trees that have made a big comeback in recent years. According to Instagram, there are over 10,000 posts tagged #CeramicChristmasTree, and people are already sharing their findings of Grandma’s dressers.

Traditional tree decorations are also a must-have this year. So, clean the dust from the fragile retro balls that your mom wouldn’t let you touch.

Green fashion

This season, we’re going green and the zero-waste idea: we’re shopping for eco-friendly and sustainable home décor items and changing our traditional gift-wrapping routine by wrapping boxes with fabric rather than paper. Stay on-trend while supporting the environment and investing in furoshiki wrappers or fabric gift bags.

We also suggest that you use the same Christmas decor as the previous year. Of course, you can incorporate new trends with some accents. This year, we will not be spending any money on new decorative pieces. But we are giving new life to our existing pieces. While pairing them with Christmas decorations made from scrap items.

The Do It Yourself decorating style requires a specific mindset and a very organized approach, but the results are always the most inspired and unique. Besides the know-how to turn your home into a magical fairy tale, the art of DIY involves mostly natural and organic materials: acorns and fresh green branches, eucalyptus twigs, leaves, and moss. vegetable. The nature Christmas decoration gives you lots of inspiration to make wooden snowmen, pine cone ornaments, festive wreaths, and many more.

Lastly, you don’t need a cut tree to have a stylish and trendy Christmas arrangement. Festive lights can give a very artistic and contemporary stylistic to an improvised tree, even in the form of an old ladder or a few branches attached to the wall.

Nordic spirit

Indeed, one of the most popular Christmas decorations trends 2020 proclaims the invitation of the Scandinavian spirit around the table.

The Scandinavian design is a synonym for simplicity and functionality. Now you are thinking… how is this different from the minimalist trend? In general, there are a few slight differences between the two. With minimalist Christmas decorations, you have the freedom to play with colors. As long as the overall look is clean, it doesn’t matter if your color combination is red and green, pink and silver, or other options. However, the color scheme can be said to emphasize the understated vibe – fawn brown, beech red, moss, basalt green, and a warm, light stone shade. The only exception is white which creates a subtle contrast.

When it comes to a Scandinavian Christmas, color is obviously a main element of the design. Add in plenty of natural light, greenery covered with an imitation of snow, and wooden details. And you have all you need to inject the atmosphere with Scandinavian Nordic vibes.

What are the key colors for Christmas Decorations 2020?

Shades inspired by natural vegetation

The calm colors of natural vegetation are usually present in two clearly distinct forms. In the half of the display, light, understated shades like gray, taupe, and sand, along with light fern green and reddish-brown dominate. In the other half, a mysterious autumnal world with deep shades of red leaves makes a difference.


This exquisite greenish-blue shade is very elegant, fresh, and enlarged. The room decorated with turquoise ornaments is at the same time incredibly bright, airy, and very luxurious.


Some people think this shade is too romantic for Christmas. However, she perfectly embodies chic and glamor in a tender and delicate way. So, boldly dress the room in pink tones combined with silver, white, or gold and admire a refined atmosphere.

Blue or navy blue

It might sound surprising, but it’s the deep blue tones that have become the season’s undisputed favorite. Designers recommend combining shades of blue, purple, and gray to achieve the impression of a frozen tropical ocean.

Luxury metal shades

Oddly enough, this year it looks like the shine of metals is reduced and the aged glow takes over. According to the latest 2020 Christmas decoration trends, the spectacular and mysterious interplay of bronze, copper, and platinum has eclipsed silver and shiny gold.

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