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15+ Inspiring Ideas For Christmas Decoration Rustic House Style 2019

The rustic Christmas home decor is not only easy to create but also very cozy. Check Out Our 15+ Christmas Decorating Suggestions Rustic house style is inviting one of the most popular holiday homes of the year at home.

Christmas Decoration Rustic House

The Rustic Style is always associated with wood, copper and warm shades. Close to the country style, the rustic style is easy to combine with many other styles. In the lines that follow, we offer some ideas in rustic Christmas home decor pictures, more suggestions on how to create your own Christmas Decorations.

The Rustic Decor Is Natural

The Rustic Style of decoration is natural. We can do any kind of object made of natural materials: wood, wool, cotton, pine cone, acorns, old tree branches, etc. This is the exact opposite of the industrial style, for example. The industrial style favors solid materials such as concrete and steel.

The Rustic-Style Christmas Home Decor Is Often DIY

Nowadays it’s quite easy to find everything and buy it at the store. More and more people are opting for DIY for different reasons: they want to have unique items, they want to recycle and recover and they find that DIY is a fun and rewarding activity. No matter what your motivation is, making your own decor is always a great idea. Instead of going to the store, create your own unique Christmas Decor. The holidays over, you can put the decorative objects in a box and keep them for next Christmas.

Making Your Christmas Decor Is Easy

You do not need to make an interesting and creative Christmas home decor. The basic principle is not to buy the materials, but to try to use the materials already available at home. If you’re out there, you’ll soon realize how much you never use. Instead of throwing them in the trash, you can use them to create a unique, personalized Christmas home decor that perfectly matches your tastes. You can also make an interesting decoration from bottles, jars, cans, boxes, paper, newspapers, old clothes and all kinds of other objects that seem appropriate. The same goes for pine cones, tassels and old tree branches.

The Rustic-Style Christmas House Decoration Is Warm And Cocoon

Anything that makes you think of the cocoon in the fireplace watching the falling snow can be part of your Rustic Christmas Decor. There is no need for too much decoration to embellish its interior and invite the magic spirit home. The rustic decor can be minimalist. Its difference from Scandinavian is that it favors warm shades, such as red, brown, orange and even yellow.

The Christmas balls pictured below are simply dressed in checked fabric. This small transformation makes them perfect for a Christmas tree decor. The tiles blend wonderfully with the rustic style. You can add them in the form of a cushion, ball, blanket, floor mat, and others.

Pine Cones Can Be Part Of Many Decorative And Original Creations

The pine cone is one of the basic objects for autumn decor and White Christmas Decor. Just walk to the park to find pine cones. Thereafter, you choose how to integrate them into your decor. It’s possible to put them in a nice Christmas tree, Christmas balls, wreaths and many more. The pine cone is probably our favorite Brico-deco object. It is easy to handle, has a funny shape and is almost everywhere.

If you wish, you can color the pine cones. For this, you will need Before painting, it is advisable to clean them with a small brush. The harvest period for pine cones is in the fall and early winter.

If the minimalist approach pleases you, you can try the hanging decor idea below. To make it, you will need a pine cone, a small tree branch, and a rope.

Christmas Decoration Home With Pinecone Minimalist Style

Another easy decoration is the basket filled with pine cones. Autumnal and winter at the same time, this decoration can be realized quickly. Just have a nice container (basket, bowl, flat or other), some pine cones and other decorative objects to choose from.

Beautiful Decorative Composition With Pine Cones

Sewing Is An Easy Way To Create Pretty Ornaments For The Christmas Tree

If you are not sewing, then you can make many projects of deco with easy sewing. For the majority of these projects, you do not need a sewing machine. Needle and thread are Do not forget scissors too. For fabrics, old clothes, accessories, tea towels, socks, and others. There are no limits!

The Presence Of Wood

When you hear the word “rustic”, it is immediately associated with wood. The rustic Christmas decor is no exception. The wood is always present in the form of decorative objects, ornaments or even an alternative Christmas tree. If your interior has already been decorated in this style of design, you probably have rustic wood furniture. In this case, you can simply decorate it if you want. With the presence of wooden furniture, the decor and rustic Christmas atmosphere are even easier to create.

Long Live The DIY!

What a deco Christmas house idea DIY funny, right? Instead of throwing the metal caps out of the bottles, you can use these pretty snowmen. Your children will love them! Think of this creative way for any item in your trash and try to reduce your daily waste. The planet will be very grateful to you!

And those who do not have capes, we recommend that the project be made with pine cones. Santa’s beard, mustaches and Santa hat from paper or cloth.

The Rustic Style Is Easy To Match To Many Other Styles Of Decor

The rustic Christmas decor can be very simple. Indeed, the rustic style is perfect with Scandinavian decor and refined. Easy to make and refined, it is also the favorite decoration of many people. What makes it interesting is it’s easy to digest and zen side. The rustic style also marries wonderfully with modern industrial, shabby chic and classic style.

Favorite DIY Project

Our favorite is this little Christmas tree made from a pine cone that has been painted in glass and decorated with a tiny light garland. A very original project, green and cute. To complete this project, you will need pine cone, tin can, rigid cardboard or foam, brown felt, paint, scissors, nail polish, and micro-battery copper garlands. If you want to know all the stages of its realization, we invite you to consult this link.

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