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8 Creative Cardboard Christmas Decoration Ideas For Christmas

The DIY of Christmas comes to infinity! Paper, recycled or natural materials, there are many possibilities to create decorative objects as a family. Today, our team will focus on Christmas carding by revealing eight ultra-easy and quick-to-realize tutorials that will surely become the star of your home. So, a big scented snowflake, a super cute elf, and a glittery Christmas reindeer. Metamorphose your home by giving it the coveted Christmas spirit.

Cardboard Christmas Decoration: How To Make Scented Stars?

Bring a festive touch to your kitchen by making a Christmas Star cardboard scented with clove. Indeed, as you can see by taking a look at the picture above, it is a super original garland in full harmony with the other elements deco. So, get some stock cards, draw the outlines of your stars and cut out. Glue felt at the edges for a festive look and pierce the clove board to enjoy a unique scent! Finally, add your favorite stars wherever you want!

Deco tip: complete your DIY Christmas decor by adding natural materials such as pine branches or driftwood.

Large Snowflake Cardboard With Silver Glitter

DIY decorative objects and make a big snowflake that could decorate any place in your home. You only need to get thick cardboard, a small sharp knife, a silver glitter, and spray glue. The realization of this DIY Christmas requires only three simple steps:

  1. Draw the outline of your snowflake by creating a nice custom design and cut out.
  2. Then spray with spray and immediately sprinkle with glitter.
  3. Once you’re dry, tie a satin ribbon and infuse your interior with a unique Christmas cardboard decoration.

Christmas Decoration To Make Cardboard: 3 Original Ideas Of Fir Super Cool

The Christmas cardboard decoration can not do without some DIY Christmas trees that tend to embellish our homes in a festive unequivocal way. Christmas tree, let’s move on to a cardboard box that is an ideal (and more stable) addition to other festive decorations.

DIY Cardboard Tree With 3D Effect

Are you a fan of Christmas decorating yourself with recovery? If your answer is yes, take out your cardboard boxes and recycle them to create a festive and personalized decor. Here is the material needed to recreate our first idea:

• Cardboard
• X-acto knife
• Acrylic white paint
• Terry brush

To create a cardboard tree, you will need two models. So, start by drawing the outlines of two trees on the cardboard and cut out. Then take one of the models and make a cut in the middle starting at the top of the first triangle. Do the same with the other room, but this time from the bottom up. Give them a brushstroke to create a snow effect, let it dry and assemble.

Christmas Decoration Made Of Cardboard To Make Oneself: Big Firs Illuminated For A Splendid Decoration

Are you running out of creative ideas to make your outdoor and indoor Christmas decorating? Do not panic! The team of DecorLoving is once again at your side to offer you a project that is out of the ordinary. What do you think of the Christmas decorations in the cardboard above? Yes, it’s beautiful, original and makes us dream! To recreate this magical look, first determine the size of your fir trees. Then get large pieces of thick cardboard, draw the outlines and cut! Go for light garlands as a modern backlight and you will not regret your choice. This is an excellent artistic alternative to the traditional fir tree.

Cute Little Fir Trees To Customize To Your Wishes

It’s no secret that you will be able to create beautiful designs using your fingertips. Cardboard boxes, trailing buttons in closets, colorful yarn and decorative tape roll up the sleeves and get to work! The procedure to follow is the same as before: trace, cut and decorate! Do not underestimate the power of decoration.

Do-It-Yourself Cardboard Christmas Decoration: Christmas Tree Ornaments To Decorate At Will

The self-made Christmas tree decoration is always exciting and demonstrates our creativity. And after the stars and firs, let’s take a look at this paper. Cut out shapes of your choice first and then cut holes, using a wooden skewer, at the top of each ornament to insert thread. Apply glue to the edges of the models and attach woolen thread. Let dry and decorate using an indelible white marker. That’s your Christmas cardboard decoration is ready.

DIY Cardboard Christmas Decoration: Glittery Fairy Reindeer

Liven up your home with a Christmas Cardboard where glitter makes the difference! Check out the list of materials and create beautiful glittered reindeer!

• Cardboard
• Pencil
• Scissors
• X-acto knife
• Spray adhesive
• Golden glitter
• Finishing spray

Start by drawing the outline of the legs and body of the reindeer on the cardboard. Cut them with the X-acto knife. Make a small cut in the upper part of the legs in order to assemble the two pieces later. Once all shapes are cut out, spray with glitter and adhesive glitter by working on one side at a time. Let’s dry well and fix together. If necessary, repeat the process for a more intense look. Finally, apply to finish and voila.

DIY Goblin Roll Of Toilet Paper To Make With Kids

The crafts with children have never been so fun and colorful! And how about making funny cardboard elves using only a few materials? Please discover the necessary elements below:

• toilet paper rolls
• Child-friendly acrylic painting
• Colored paper
• Tassels
• Felt yellow (or paper)
• Stapler
• Non-toxic glue
• Brush
• Scissors

You can, of course, make use of your camera and make it easier. What’s more, you’ll also benefit from the recycled decor.

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