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14 Charming Boho Dining Room Decor Ideas for a Trendy Style Of Dining Room

When decorating the bohemian decorative dining room, it is advisable to move away from known designs. By creating this type of interior, one can play with materials and styles of furniture. The boho style offers the possibility of mixing antique furniture with new furniture, so that each object can tell its own story. Chairs in bright colors complement perfectly a large wooden table. 

As for the walls, we can break with the classic whiteness and work with crazy colors. In the windows, hang multicolored patterned curtains and, next door, place original paintings, boho tapestries or large decorative mirrors in wooden frames. On the floor, ethnic patterned carpets add charm. 

If you want to create a bohemian effect in your dining room, you can simply put your mirror on the floor. On the other hand, to reach the effect of enlargement you will need either a big wall or three or four small ones. It all depends on the functionality and dimensions of your dining room. You can put them slightly down to create an artistic look to your room. The large custom-made mirror, leaning against the wall, will expand your space and give more light to the room. You can also install custom closet mirrors that will make the room appear even more spacious. If you have a dining room open to the living room, the mirror will reflect it. It’s a way to open the visual perspective of the space to the entire room.

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