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12 Best Stair Handrail Ideas for Home Interior Stairs

To choose your stair handrail, you have to take into account the morphology of the staircase, the type of material that you want to use, and the budget you want to use.

What is a stair handrail?

Often the term “ramp” is used to refer to a stair handrail. It is a mistake. Indeed, the ramp (or railing) is the assembly that constitutes the railing and therefore includes:

a handrail,
a filling, also called baluster,
a smooth low (optional).

The handrail is, therefore, the part intended to be taken in hand by people who use the stairs. It is, therefore, possible to fix a handrail on a wall that will then serve as a support. On the other hand, a ramp always has a handrail that covers it.
It is also possible to choose a pole-mounted handrail, and thus form a custom ramp set.

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Why choose a stair handrail?

One must not wonder why choosing a handrail, since it is necessarily part of the staircase, but rather why choose a wall-mounted handrail rather than a handrail on a ramp.

The wall-mounted handrail is found in three cases:

If the staircase is surrounded by two walls and therefore makes it impossible to install a ramp.
If the staircase has a large width and you want to put a handrail wall facing a ramp.
If the stairway does not have a ramp on the vacuum side, which is a current trend in interior architecture, but it remains quite dangerous, especially if children have to take the stairs.

In the case where the staircase is less than 70 cm wide, the handrail attached to poles  (flat or applied) saves space because it is placed in the vertical alignment of the edge of the steps ( French pose) or even to the outside (English pose). 
The wall handrail is also the choice of the simplicity of installation and the economy to purchase facing a complete ramp.

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Materials for stair handrails

Indoors, the handrail comes in many forms and materials:

· In wood  (all types of solid species: oak, beech). Wood has the great advantage of being able to be painted at your convenience.

· Made of metal, aluminum, or stainless steel for a modern effect (cost more than wood or rope).

· In large diameter rope, it can give style to your staircase.

Outside, we recommend mainly stainless steel, aluminum, or wrought iron for a stair handrail. 
The wood is also possible (class 4) but requires regular maintenance in terms of stain or varnish passages (every 3 to 5 years).

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