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Features of Ultra-Modern Interior Design

Ultra Modern Interior Design concept and styles

The Evolution of Ultra-Modern Interior Design

Evolving the interior design trend, the 1940-50s mark a revolution, where the modern design came into being. These interior designs changed the way homes looked previously. With the warm woody textures and simple textures, the modern interior design found its way. The concept of minimalism being central.

The homes are designing in a way so that every structure of it serves a function. The modern interior further evolved into a branch called ultra-modern interior design. Hence it basically involves a concept of art installations with cozy and comfortable nature of the setting. It also incorporates a logical combination of functional objects and artistic designs, together with molding and distinct quality furniture.

Evolution of Ultra-Modern Interior Design

Durability and Sustainability Approach

Ultra-modern interior design is a step up from the modern interior. In that, it makes the functional concept of the design of outstanding importance. Therefore, the modern concept of design integrates most of the items of functional nature. The energy and limited resource crisis are facing by the entire world today and have certainly changed the thinking of modern man. Almost every aspect of life has evolved accordingly, and the best plan is always the one that incorporates an element of long-term durability and sustainability. The ultra-modern interior design does include this new intellectual approach, as it has a great deal of sustainability and utility importance while maintaining the elegant outlook.

Durability and Sustainability

Basic Features of Ultra-Modern Interior Design

While sustainability is one key element of the ultra-modern interior design, that limits and eliminates the need for more of the building material. Evidence-based designing is another key aspect that dominates the entire set up of ultra-modern interior designing. The term ‘evidence-based’ designing demonstrates a designing approach, which utilized extensive research and data-based studies to combine designing and interior for the well-being of citizens. Therefore, ultra-modern designed homes and apartments, serve to provide maximum satisfaction, utility, and comfort.

Some of the other basic features dominating an ultra-modern interior design are the following:

  • The ultra-modern living spaces had made to blend with the different sections of an apartment so that dimensions and ease can be observed. And one can freely move from one room to another, while the free energy flow maintains in this vast built.
  • While sustainability plays key role in the ultra-modern interior designing, comfort is the main goal of this approach. Ergonomic interior consisting of chairs, furniture, floors and other parts make a sound component of ultra-modern apartment.
  • The ultra-modern designs incorporate a blending of natural surroundings, more like the exterior and interior linked and merged at some point. This allows one to enjoy the comfortable outlook of the external environment from within the apartment space (such as through large tinted glass windows).
  • The outdoor living somehow incorporates to the indoor living space. This happens through the use of natural materials, using various planters and also exposing the outside views through glass walls.
Features of Ultra-Modern Interior Design

Decorating an Ultra-Modern Apartment

The designing and decorating of ultra-modern homes, building and apartments are done based on the following basic concepts:

1. Environmentally Friendly Wall Coverings

Wall colors and paints used are artificially from more of fabricated nature to natural one. Especially the non-toxic wall paints such as those made from earth pigments and milk proteins. Moreover, the color schemes used are more of natural such as shades of green, blue, slate and brown. Added to the wall decoration, are artistic and interesting wall hangings, often with a natural element, that captures the attention of the viewer and creates a focal point in the living space.

2. Building Materials

Most of the material employed is of recyclable nature, implementing the concept of sustainability. These materials have longer durability and renewable nature. Such materials include the use of bamboo wood, aluminum, steel, vinyl plates, teak and linoleum.

3. The Flooring Plan

The floor coverings are made from natural, rather artificial materials and they generally flow or blend between different sections of the building or apartment. The flooring materials employed in ultra-modern design are teak, bamboo, concrete and linoleum that add to the long durability and sustainability of the floors.

4. Windows

Mostly, large sized window panels are installed to allow the outdoor spaciousness to merge with the indoor living zone. This adds to the mental comfort as living in congested cities already impacts the human mind with a suffocating feel. Windows with the functional role are employed such as those having glass to reflect back infrared rays to keep homes cool in the summers.

5. Furniture

Most of the materials used in ultra-modern apartments have a soothing and calming effect. As spaciousness is added through transparent glass materials, even the table surfaces made transparent to allow the passage of light. The furniture is mostly designed with a clean and simpler look, having a straight line and simple sculptural textures, while also maintaining the beneficial (functional) quality in them. The ultra-modern approach of design asks for quality investment. So that only the useful and durable items are incorporated into the living space.

Ultra-modern interior design is such a sustainable approach that allows the minimalistic concept to be incorporated, while also maintaining the quality and outlook perfect.

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