The Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas on a Budget

Best Neutral color for bathroom flooring.

Essential Bathroom Flooring Ideas for Beginners

Have a boring bathroom interior and need bathroom flooring ideas?  The one that’s often overlooked in your house is probably your bathroom. What about the flooring? You might never care about it at all as long as it is easy to maintain and slip-resistant. However, there are some ways to make your bathroom look vibrant and charming trough the flooring. You can even make it better by simple ideas of choosing the right floorings as follows.

Choosing the Best Bathroom Flooring Tiles and Materials

Tile is the most common flooring options for bathroom flooring ideas, ranging from the real natural tiles to the ceramic or porcelain that’s engineered to look like the natural one. Floor tile has a larger size (12”x12” or 18”x18”) and more texture than the wall tile to avoid slippage.

Bathroom Floor Ideas that will Uplift Your Bathroom

Other options of bathroom flooring ideas are hardwood floors. They are processed and engineered to be water-resistant and moist-resistant. Moreover, they can be your flooring alternative if you want to have a uniform look. The flooring also lends a warm atmosphere to your bathroom. If you want some really affordable flooring, you may choose vinyl or laminate floorings. The laminate is an affordable alternative of hardwood flooring. It lights and easy to maintenance. On the other hand, vinyl flooring is not only offering durability, economic price, and better grip, but you can also choose almost limitless patterns out of it.

Best Tile Flooring Ideas For Bathroom

To add charms and vibrant look to the bathroom, just try to combine different size tiles. For instance, you may combine small and large tiles. Restricted to the square tiles, you can also try hexagonal, octagonal or smaller mosaic in your patterns. In addition, add the unique pattern to your bathroom flooring ideas. Apply pattern in a resemblance of rug with tile on the area where you will step in/out the shower, in front of your vanity or surrounding your toilet. This will give your floor a more dynamic look.

Tips for Cleaning Bathroom flooring tiles

There is a trend now to heat the floor. You must have known that though your tile floor is easy to clean, maintain and look so attractive, you cannot deny that it could get really cold to your feet. You might want to resort to a heated floor. There are electric warming systems you can choose to warm your feet from under the floor. The system requires you to install rubber tubing under the floor and hot water heater. Hot water is circulated through the tubes and the radiated heat will warm the floor. However, if you need a simple solution, just use electric radiant heating. The system is simpler to install, far more affordable, and really ideal for a single room like a bathroom.

Those are several options of floorings you might want to use to refresh the bathroom flooring. There are practically limitless ideas and several materials you could get and apply. You can pick lots of patterns or color as well. In brief, as bathroom flooring ideas, the combination of materials, colors, and pattern plus the existing fixtures, as well as other furnishings in your bathroom, will be a great showpiece in your house or apartment once you applied it harmonically.

Wide Effect in Bathroom Floor Ideas for Small Bathrooms

A bathroom should be comfortable. Although you only have a little space on your house for the bathroom, you still have to make it comfortable. One thing that you can do is applying the best bathroom floor ideas for small bathrooms. These ideas will make your bathroom looks wider just by applying some tricks on the floor. Therefore, without the large space, you can still feel comfortable during your bath time.

Neutral Color and Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas for Small Bathrooms

For you who love the dark color, you may need to avoid using the dark tiles for your flooring. The dark color will make your bathroom looks narrow. This would be terrible for small-sized bathroom. You can feel uncomfortable and stuffy there. Just in case avoiding these things, you would be better to choose the bright neutral tones for bathroom floor ideas for small bathrooms.

Neutral colors do not mean only white and black. You can also use grey and brown. There are also so many kinds of grey shades such as light grey, misty grey, and dark grey. Then, for brown colors, you can also find scarlet brown, wooden brown, and many more. If you still want to have dark accents as the primary color of your bathroom, the light grey might be a good choice. However, white is always recommended for a small room.

Choosing the Best Color for Bathroom Floor

Have you decided what color do you want to be used for the flooring? If you have done with it, you can start to choose the kind of tiles. Some people choose small tiles for a minimalist bathroom. In fact, this kind of tile is not suitable for a small space. Small tiles will only give full effect whenever we see the floor. This will make your bathroom look small and too lively. Then, you would be better to choose large size tiles for bathroom floor ideas for small bathrooms.

How big is your bathroom? The smallest one at least must have the size of 2 m x 2 m.  You should have to know exactly the space of your bathroom to choosing the right flooring size. For the safest choice, just choose 24-inch x 24-inch tiles. You may need to cut some tiles to suit the room size. Then, choose what kind of material that suits to bathroom floor ideas for small bathrooms.

The most important thing that should not be forgotten is choosing anti-slip material for the flooring. Travertine stones seem great for the material of bathroom tile. Applying travertine tiles will make you got the natural looks. However, you can also choose another material if you don’t like it.  Install the tiles as simple as possible to avoid the lively pattern which can make your bathroom looks narrow. Done with the bathroom floor ideas for small bathrooms, you can add some ornaments to enhance the overall look. Install a large mirror on one of the wall sides and use the white lamps for the lighting. It will give your bathroom a spacious and clean effect.

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