15 Creative Modern Bedroom Painting Ideas for Your Bedroom Decor

Painting a bedroom to coordinate with the current theme or to change to a new theme is a creative method to enhance the atmosphere of the bedroom. Use these bedroom painting ideas to help you paint your room just right.
Since the bedroom is the least visited room of the house by guests, it offers the options of experimenting with the various colors and themes without the fears of others seeing a possible mistake. There are rules for painting the bedroom to make it a better experience.

The first rule is related to the colors in the spectrum and how they relate to the other colors. When selecting one color to follow through with the decor of the bedroom, use the same colors or variations. Use the same colors in the bedding drapes and accessories, including the lampshade and wall hangings. This creates a nice setting in the bedroom.

The second rule for bedroom painting ideas is to use the connecting color on the color wheel. The combination of colors creates a new refreshing decor. An example of this method is on the color wheel the color red is set next to orange and violet. This is because these colors are enhancements to red. The color blue has green and violet connecting on the color wheel. The combinations of colors are called analogous color scheme.
The third rule involves the beliefs of opposites to create harmony in any setting. The Chinese refer to this method as Yong and Yang. This concept uses opposites to create a natural balance in life as well as with colors.
An example of this is the color combination of black and white. Completely opposite colors are creating a classic design. This method for colors is also a nice accenting formation for the colors in the bedroom to create a unique classy, comforting atmosphere.

Use a combination of dark shades of colors with lighter shades. The combination is eye-appealing and a decorator’s technique that is easily merged into the bedroom decor. Use these bedroom painting ideas as well as the other tips on our blog to create a great atmosphere in your room.

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