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15 Modern Bedroom Interior Design Ideas That Make You Look Twice

For most of us, the bedroom is a haven in an otherwise hectic house. Having somewhere calm to retreat to at the end of a busy day, allows for a little solace and succor away from the marauding masses. The majority of us spend a third of our lives in bed, so what better cue to get creative in the chamber?  Make the most of this oft-inhabited, household space and design the bedroom of your dreams.

Suspended beds

While many of us may stick to magnolia with the spice of a statement wall, others boldly go for bespoke bedroom interiors where no man has gone before. One such bedroom design quite literally takes the theme of a solitary sleeping to a whole other level.

This clever bedroom creation offers a feat of engineering in the form of a box that hangs from the ceiling to create a suspended sleeping space. The bed is positioned to allow enough room for adults to stand up beneath it but is low enough to enable easy access from an elevated portion of the room (usually using a short staircase).


Alternatively, you could always make the bedroom live up to its name by creating a room around this critical centerpiece. One such design takes the laid-back lifestyle to an entirely different level, bringing the hammock out of summer gardens and into our homes.

Slung between the bedroom walls on a series of heavy-duty chains, the addition of this comfortable contraption creates an effortlessly cool bedroom design, which is as secure as it is unique.

Creating your own unique bedroom

While some of these designs might detract from a good night’s sleep, it is possible to design a bedroom that reflects your personality without being overly peculiar. Practicality, after all, needn’t be plain.
Don’t suppress your personality; let it shine in your choice of storage solutions or wardrobe units. Get the best out of your bedroom with a color palette that reflects your personality and use fabrics and furnishings that showcase your flair for originality and artistic displays.

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