Bathroom Sink To Upgrade Your Bathroom In A Modern Way

Countertop washbasin, wall-hung washbasin, or built-in washbasin – you can choose the right variant for your bathroom from the wide variety of shapes on offer. The sink is an important accent because it can round off the look and style of your bathroom. When choosing, it is important that you still consider the size of the room and the position of the other elements in the facility . Give your bathroom a modern look with these practical and unusual bathroom sinks.

Bathroom sink with a glass floor and wooden shelf

We have already introduced you to the striking DEPTH WILDWOOD washbasin from Lago. The clear, beveled glass creates an optical illusion for emptiness and depth. The drain system is ingeniously positioned under the wood and remains invisible. The model is also available in other colors, textures, and sizes.

Classic square washbasin fits every bathroom

The chic, ceramic BASICA bathroom washbasin has an innovative scratch-resistant cover, which makes the shine last longer. The sink can be combined with all Lago cupboards.

Built-in washbasin in a strong yellow color that draws attention

The STEEL washbasin has a special drain system with a thin waste set on the edge, which ensures rapid water drainage. The washbasin comes in two versions – to put on and to install, whereby the customer can choose different colors. Take a look at our gallery with other bathroom sinks.

What would a bathroom be without a sink? It is one of the most important elements in the bathroom, so there are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect sink. Sink type, material, fittings, and last but not least the base cabinet. A bathroom sink with base cabinet offers enough storage space for towels, accessories, cosmetics, and is also perfect for small rooms. Today we are going to show you a few excellent models whose design inspired us.

Bathroom sink with base cabinet with minimalist design

Clear shapes and high-gloss surfaces are becoming increasingly popular for modern bathrooms. The Design Swift by Royo Group is a perfect example of this. Sinks are available in ceramic, glass, and acrylic, while the base cabinet is made of methacrylate and equipped with a soft-close system.

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