21+ Bathroom Remodel Ideas And Photos Before And After!

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, you need to take into account many small details first, in order to create a harmonious and comfortable space. And as remodeling the bathroom is a more or less complex task, each owner can take advantage of any advice given to him to simplify his work and finish it on time, without breaking the bank. The useful tips and inspiring photos in this article will motivate you and help you facilitate the bathroom remodel process, take advantage!

Modern Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom Remodel comes with a lot of questions, but perhaps the most existential is »What to choose: bath or shower? Typically, bathtubs are reserved for owners of spacious bathrooms, but there are more compact models on the market, such as the hip bath, that even the small bathroom can accommodate. The freestanding bathtub is also making a comeback with its great retro look! And the shower? There are also several models available. The Italian showers super trendy and, in addition, it is the best solution for limited spaces. The one with extra flat shower tray is a bit more economical from an initial installation point of view, but it loses points with regard to the ultra-modern luxury aspect.


Budget And Works

The renovation of the bathroom comes with a lot of work to be done and equipment to buy. When developing your budget, consider the following:
  • plumbing
  • electricity
  • cabinets and counters or vanity
  • sinks and taps
  • painting and finishing
  • the floor covering
  • sanitary appliances
  • lighting
  • tidying up
  • decoration and accessories
Certain major or specialized work requires the services of a qualified professional (an electrician, for example) and entails sometimes significant additional costs. Now is the time to plan them.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Blue Paint Or Tile Wall White Snow?

Both options work well, but you have to decide above all by examining their aesthetic appearance and the look you want to achieve in the bathroom. The pedestal sink is super suitable for classic or retro-style bathrooms, while a countertop sink is rather modern. Opt for the double sink if you share the space with the partner for more comfort. Our advice: to obtain an ultra-modern space, install hanging toilets! It is a super practical solution that also allows you to visually enlarge the space.

Bathroom Remodel: Wall Cladding In Snow White Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles

Modern Shower Cabin, Creamy Wall Tiles And Matching The Flooring

Old bathroom transformed into a super elegant space

Snow White Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel With An Immaculate White Wooden Base

Snow White Wall Tiles And Solid Wood Furniture

Contemporary Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel – Great Ideas On The Sink And The Shower Cabin

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