Bathroom Mirror – Budget Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Basic

In addition to the sink, shower, and toilet, the mirror is also part of the basic equipment in the bathroom. The bathroom mirror is not only useful in the daily beauty routine but also serves as a decorative element in the room. Large mirrors continue to make the bathroom appear larger and, if the lighting is right – also brighter. Since the selection of bathroom mirrors is very extensive, it is easy to lose the overview. That is why we have collected some practical tips and ideas in this article to help you find the right bathroom mirror for your needs.

The mirror is a must in the bathroom

Whether brushing your teeth, shaving, styling your hair, or taking care of your face – the mirror in the bathroom has become an essential part of our everyday life. A good mirror should be suitable for areas with high humidity and should match the respective bathroom design. Your own taste also plays an important role in the selection of the mirror shape. Whether rectangular, oval, round, or in an unusual shape, you choose the design of your bathroom mirror yourself.


Bathroom Mirror with Lighting

Mirrors show us exactly how we look – provided the lighting is right. There are basically two options for good mirror lighting: You either buy a mirror that is equipped with integrated lighting or combines a normal mirror with some external lights.

If you have opted for a bathroom mirror without lighting, then you must ensure good room lighting. Recessed spots are being used more and more in modern bathrooms because they illuminate the entire room from above without shadows. If the ceiling lighting is not sufficient, you can opt for a few wall lights or a special mirror light as additional lighting.

It would be much easier and more elegant to buy a mirror with integrated lighting. It is a backlight that is not only practical but also looks very decorative. Whether applying makeup or shaving, LED technology provides enough light for all situations. The light can run around the entire mirror or be positioned only on the sides. So that LED lighting fits perfectly into the bathroom, you can also consider custom-made.

Heated mirrors for more comfort

Even if you have a shower cubicle, it is common for the mirror to fog up after showering. Of course, you can simply wipe the moisture off the glass surface with a cloth, but this doesn’t always work so well and can leave stains. If you want to solve the problem permanently, make the right choice with a mirror heater. A heated mirror no longer mists up after showering, giving you a clear view at all times.

There are two ways to heat a mirror. You can either retrofit a mirror heat film or opt for a mirror with infrared heating. The second variant is more expensive, but this eliminates the additional heating in the bathroom.

Practical additional equipment for the bathroom mirror

For optimal comfort in the bathroom, the mirror can be combined with other accessories as additional equipment. In this way, you can adapt the furnishings to your individual needs. If, for example, you carry out your daily beauty routine in the bathroom, a small cosmetic mirror with enlargement as a supplement would be really practical. It can be installed near the large mirror and takes up almost no space.
There are often no or too few sockets in the bathroom. However, it sometimes happens that you need an outlet at the washing area to switch on the electric toothbrush or other devices. At this point, mirrors with sockets offer a clever solution for the bathroom. For more safety, however, the sockets in the bathroom should have a suitable splash guard.

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