Bathroom Mats – The Decorative Element That Is Aesthetics And Comfort

Few things are cooler than bathroom tiles, especially when you step out of a hot shower. To keep your feet feeling comfortable all the time, invest in bathroom rugs. In addition, it is an element of the decoration of your bathroom that will give it a modern and cozy air. The choice in the market is enormous. You can choose bathroom mats based on its aesthetic value – from plush texture to sophisticated design, but you also need to consider slippery floors. Confused about what is the best mat for your bathroom? Keep reading our buying guide full of tips and inspiring photos.

How to choose modern and practical bathroom mats?

The carpet in the bathroom is not only a decorative element, because its main role is to ensure your safety when you get out of the shower or the bath. So the most important thing is to find a non-slip and comfortable piece. Afterward, it’s time to think about the materials, the colors, and of course to combine them with the style of the bathroom. Bohemian, rustic, modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, oriental, or vintage, there is a rug for every interior.

Other criteria you should take into account are:

  • Weight: A thick carpet will absorb water much faster than a thin carpet. It is also softer, but drying will take time.
  • Material: opt for a moisture-resistant rug that dries quickly. Usually, you have a choice between synthetic and natural materials.
  • Quality: don’t take the first rug you see in the store. When looking, you have to compare and choose a good quality that will ensure lasting comfort. It is better to buy a more expensive product than to change the mat every two months.
  • Maintenance: cleaning the carpet in the bathroom is an essential factor when choosing this decoration. You don’t want to fight mold, right? So, you have to choose a carpet that is easy to maintain.

Which subject to favor?

Cotton bathroom rugs remain a super popular choice, as they are available at almost any price point. Although they are easy to clean, many of them are machine washable. They can harbor bacteria and retain odors between washes. If you prefer natural materials, linen is also a great choice.

Microfiber rugs feature soft, comfortable textures that can be plush, shaggy, or satin. This type of carpet is generally more difficult to clean because it is not machine wash resistant.

Bamboo rugs are resistant to water and for people with allergies, dust mites. But of course, it is not a super cozy choice and you are not going to achieve the soft and cocooning effect. On the one hand, the polyester mat is not very absorbent and some models cannot be machine washed. But on the other hand, they’re super soft and often have memory foam in them that we really love.

Bathroom gratings and PVC shower mats are ideal for a damp room, but they are less pleasant to the touch. The same is the case with rubber ones. The upside is that there are variations with small suction cups underneath that are effective against slipping and falling hazards.

How to choose the color of the bathroom mats?

To find a rug that matches the rest of your bathroom decor, you have two options. The first is to choose a rug from the same line as the rest of your towels and decorative accessories. This is the best way to make sure the colors and patterns are a perfect match.

The other option is to choose a complementary or contrasting color or pattern that blends well with your existing decor. Even if it’s a different brand, sticking to the same theme or color scheme will create a well-coordinated look. If you prefer shopping online and you are unsure of the exact shade, go for a neutral color. It is universal and goes perfectly with every interior.

Small details are important for a pleasant and personalized interior. So add some trend to your bathroom with a rug that carries a fun or inspirational message. It is ideal for a bohemian-chic decor or to give a warm atmosphere to a small Scandinavian bathroom.

luxury bath rugs

Vintage bathroom rug goes well with a rustic interior

The contrasting rug in mustard and purple color

Carpet effect “used” that breaks the minimalist design

Bathroom Mats

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