Barn Door

13 Amazing Barn Door Ideas Into a Contemporary Interior

We are always looking for new ways to delimit the space in a subtle way taking into account the interior decoration. With the door with the appearance of natural wood, this task is already possible to accomplish. Built-in a lightweight construction with a chromed steel sliding rail, this door fits perfectly into a contemporary white interior. The double glazed model is very chic and promises a spacious living room very welcoming. This combination of charm and utility makes the barn door an ingenious solution for concealing a laundry room or pantry. We will have a standardized interior without spending too much.

Barn door in a rustic bathroom

Barn style rail door in black steel

Double glazed door- Originalsolution for a bedroom

Give some color to the immaculate white interior

Original sliding door and nature decoy object

Patina effect and shabby chic decor

A revamped wooden door in a trendy colour

Separate a kitchen and living room in an elegant way

Sliding door in pastel blue for a touch of charm in a white interior

Sliding door that is very chic next to the white brick subway bathroom

This door is ideal for separating a bathroom adjacent to another bedroom

The sliding mechanism offers ingenious layout solutions

The wood of the door is in contrast with the walls in whitewashed floors

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