Bamboo Fencing Ideas To Protect Or Decorate Your Garden

The bamboo fencing is more than just a decoration – it offers privacy in the garden. You can find out which design options are available and what needs to be taken into account during construction in the article.

Bamboo Privacy Screen In The Garden – An Attractive Fence Made Of Bamboo Tubes

Bamboo is actually a grass that can reach over 10 meters in height. Today over 1060 types of bamboo are known. The material is very light and frost-resistant – that is why a bamboo garden fence does not need any additional treatment and is a very easy-care alternative to a wooden or metal fence. The construction made of stainless steel and bamboo tubes is considered to be particularly stable. A large variety of bamboo with straws in different sizes and with different diamonds is available on the market – so everyone can choose the right one. The bamboo fence can be made according to customer dimensions or bought in prefabricated elements. The individual parts are then assembled on site. Thanks to this privacy screen in the garden, garden owners can relax in the outdoor area.     

Bamboo Privacy Screen In The Garden – What Must Be Considered When Building A Fence

If you have already decided to use a bamboo fence as a privacy screen in the garden, there are a few things you should consider. Bamboo is considered an inflammable material. For this reason, experts do not recommend placing open fireplaces or fire bowls in the immediate vicinity of the fence – the risk of flying sparks is too great. Bamboo is considered a hardwood, so sawing is tedious. The individual bamboo tubes can then be connected to each other without drilling – a connection with iron wire, for example, is very practical.


Bamboo Mats As A Privacy Screen: A Practical Solution For The Allotment Garden

A bamboo mat privacy screen is a practical solution for the allotment. If every centimeter counts and you have no free space for a wooden fence or a concrete wall and still want to shield your private area, then the fence made of bamboo mats is the best choice. Bamboo mats as privacy screens are also suitable as screens, for example, if you want to optically separate an area in the garden. They are not only a functional design element, but they can also set accents outdoors. So you can highlight the rock garden or the Koi pond through a bamboo fence.

Bamboo Fencing Mats As Privacy Screens In The Large Garden

A bamboo mat fence is also perfect for the large garden. Since the construction effort and the associated costs are lower than with a wooden fence or natural stone wall, more and more garden owners are opting for the cost-effective variant. If necessary, you can later easily dismantle or repair the bamboo fence yourself.

A bamboo mat fence can be staged effectively. Popular combination partners for the Japanese-style garden are natural stone and wood, and the combination of bamboo and stainless steel looks particularly attractive in the modern, minimalist garden. Since the privacy screen with bamboo looks very natural and at the same time is very stable, you can hang planters on it.

The bamboo fence has another decisive advantage: The material is extremely durable, can easily withstand heat and rain, and, unlike wood, does not require any special care. Bamboo mats do not have to be sealed with varnish, waterlogging cannot damage the wood. Even heat and direct sunlight do not make natural material brittle. Therefore, the material is suitable for both sunny and shady locations.

The discoloration is only possible with regard to the bamboo color. They become visible after a few years, especially with dark bamboo. That’s why most hobby gardeners choose bright bamboo mats.

Bamboo Fencing Around A Pool: Natural Privacy

Since moisture cannot damage the bamboo fence, bamboo mats are often used as a privacy screen around the pool area. They look very natural and make you dream of exotic islands. The bamboo around the pool can be perfectly combined with a wooden terrace, so the outdoor area looks natural and inviting. The wooden terrace feels pleasant in the summer months and can be walked on barefoot if there are no wood chips.

The bamboo fence adds an exotic touch to your own garden and forms the perfect background for exotic plants. Palm trees, ferns, and Co. have their grand entrance here. So if you want to spend the summer in a real oasis, then you should definitely choose a bamboo fence.

Bamboo Fencing As A Privacy Screen For The Garden Shower

Bamboo mats are real quick-change artists and can be easily bent into the desired shape. A bamboo screen for the garden shower shields the area particularly effectively. So you can cool off in the hot summer months and are shielded from prying eyes.

Privacy Screen For Garden Shower With A Bamboo Mat

You can design the shower area according to your own preferences and ideas. For example, you can hide the pipes behind the bamboo mat or hang a rattan basket for them on the privacy fence.

Bamboo Fencing Mats As Privacy Screens For The Pergola In The Garden

Have you always dreamed of a reading corner in the garden where you can relax? A pergola invites you to linger in the garden. And so that the children don’t bother playing football, you can shield your corner with bamboo mats. You can also build a bamboo screen yourself, of course, there are many manufacturers who offer on-site assembly.

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