18 Fabulous Backyard Vegetable Garden Design Ideas for Beginners

An old garden practice teaches us to create different belts of high and low plants in the garden. Usually, strips of tall plant species are grown to protect the vegetables from wind gusts. Recently, of course, to get a good vegetable harvest, you have to do your best. So, today we are talking about how we can create a Backyard vegetable garden and protect it from strong winds. If you are interested in it, just keep reading and see our gallery!

Backyard Vegetable garden

How to Plant A Backyard Vegetable Garden?

Vegetable gardens can be both a beautiful and economical addition to your home and garden. Planting a vegetable garden can also be an intimidating undertaking. There are many factors to consider when planting a vegetable garden. One of the most important factors in planning a vegetable garden is the amount of space you have It also dedicates to the vegetable garden. Also take into consideration the type of vegetables you want to grow, soil conditions, and available sunlight. There is a Backyard vegetable garden design for every space regardless of size.

If you live in an apartment or condominium and have limited or non-existent space, your best and often the only choice is a container garden. Container vegetable gardens also work great in areas with poor soil conditions. While not all vegetables will thrive in a container, you still have several options. Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, green onions, and many herbs are capable of surviving in containers. Purchase decorative planting containers and arrange them around your balcony, patio, or yard. For added flair or to create a multi-level garden, grow some baby tomatoes in hanging baskets.

Backyard Vegetable garden

Create A Backyard Vegetable Garden

Would you like to create a Backyard vegetable garden in a windy location? We show you the four preferred plant species that are commonly used for this purpose. These are corn, sunflowers, broom grain, and the so-called earth apple.

Under good irrigation conditions, the corn grows very well and tall in every garden. The seeds are sown in two or three rows. The distance between the plant rows is 20-25 cm, and so it is between the plants in a row. The best time for sowing is when the soil temperature reaches 12-13 degrees.

Backyard Vegetable Garden

Backyard Vegetable Garden – Three Easy-Care Plant Types

The following three types of plants are easy to care for – perfect for anyone starting up a Backyard vegetable garden for the first time. They also grow quite tall and can protect sensitive vegetables from the wind. The sunflower is also a high growing plant. You have to plant seeds in the same way as for corn, only earlier, in March or early April.

Broom grain or carrot millet (grade sorghum) is very suitable for this purpose. The seeds are small, and usually, more are sown than necessary. They are planted at the same time as the corn and sunflower.

Backyard Vegetable garden

Jerusalem artichoke (potato apple) can also serve to protect the vegetable garden from strong winds. The only downside is that some tubers can still remain in the ground, even if you carefully remove them, this way you will have seedlings in spring.

Fabulous Backyard Vegetable Garden Design

If you are planting a vegetable garden not only for fresh vegetables but also for aesthetics, you will want to plant a continuous growth garden. Different vegetables mature at different rates. Some vegetables mature and flower quickly while others have a considerably slower cycle. When planting your garden alternate between rows of short cycle vegetables and long cycle vegetables. This will ensure that your garden always looks lush and full. When planting your vegetables be careful to leave enough growth room between rows to allow the plants to fully develop.

Backyard Vegetable Garden

For those of you who have ample space for a vegetable garden and who are looking for something above and beyond the average vegetable garden, consider planting a circular garden. Decide where you want to plant your garden and mark it with a stake. Choose the desired size of your garden. Attach a string to the stake and with a can of yard marking spray walk in a circle keeping the string tight. Remove grass from inside the painted circle and prepare your soil. You may want to consider placing stones or bricks around the edge of the circle to give it a finished look. Design your garden so that the tallest plants are either at the rear of the garden or in the center. Then continue planting either forward or outward decreasing the height of the plants as you go.

Backyard Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden Design Ideas

Vegetable gardens are an excellent and economical choice for fresh vegetables. It can also add beauty to your space whether it is a balcony, small patio, or large yard. Regardless of where you are planting or how much you are planting, take care to allow the plants enough space for proper growth. When planting two different vegetable side by side allow enough room for the plant that requires the most space. Planting a vegetable garden can take considerable planning and time but the results are well worth it in the end. Be sure to pick a vegetable garden design idea that is both functional and aesthetic.

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