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21+ Above Ground Pool Ideas For Your Beautiful Garden

Above Ground Pool

Are you landscaping your garden, and something original is missing to complete the decor? Are you looking for ideas? A garden pool may be the right answer! Check out our great selection of photos, and choose your own above ground pool! Below, you will find lots of ideas that you can integrate into your garden project!

What Above Ground Pool Cover For A Modern Design?

Although wood remains the preferred material for the covering of an above-ground swimming pool, there are many other variants to consider. For example, concrete is an excellent choice for contemporary gardens that are increasingly marked by minimalism. To camouflage the contours of the pool, you can also use a natural stone covering, tiles and mosaics, PVC slats, etc. It is above all a question of practicality and maintenance, and of course aesthetics.

Above Ground Pool: Several Formats Are Currently Available

Above-ground pools offer several advantages, which explains the growing interest of buyers. More economical and easy to install than a traditional inground pool, the above ground pool is a real gem that invites itself into the garden to bring the feeling of luxury and comfort. Modern and customizable, the pool is available in several formats and is therefore not reserved for large spaces. Available in xs format, it finds its place in a very small garden and transforms it into a magnificent relaxation space.

Above Ground Pool

Above-Ground Swimming Pool Dressed In Bricks In The Backyard

Want to dive and swim all summer without leaving your backyard? Installing an above ground pool will help you turn your dream into reality. No need to bury it and without the compulsory intervention of a professional, in just a few days, you will be able to display a magnificent swimming pool in your own garden! Such a pool is available in several versions and adapts to many configurations. You can, therefore, enjoy a swimming pool adapted to your site, without sacrificing the aesthetics and the space available. Round, oval, rectangular, or octagonal – a good variety is available for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Above Ground Pool

The Above-Ground Pool Adapts To Many Configurations

The choice of an above-ground swimming pool is sometimes a real headache. Apart from the range of dimensions and shapes, which is constantly increasing, the buyer must still make a primordial choice. The latter concerns the material from which the swimming pool is made and dressed. A classic among the classics, the wooden cladding adapts harmoniously to any environment. Highly appreciated for its noble and timeless charm, the wood turns out to be the choice of choice for people looking for a pool offering the best value for money.

Above Ground Pool

Round Above Ground Pool To Integrate Into The Design Of The Modern Garden

The above-ground steel pool benefits from superb design versatility. It can be clad in walls imitating wood or stone. It is thanks to its aesthetics that such a swimming pool adapts to any environment, regardless of its style. The steel structure offers excellent resistance and does not necessarily need to be installed on a concrete slab.

Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Pool Layout: All Details Must Be Taken Into Account

In addition to thinking about the design of a pool, it is necessary to take into account the layout around the pool. A real art of living, the design of the space around the pool is increasingly original and diverse. From the dressing and the shape of the pond, through the surrounding vegetation, to the garden shed and the furniture, every detail is to be taken into account. As already mentioned, to install an above ground pool, the intervention of a professional is not necessary. A building permit is not compulsory either, except when using a concrete slab. However, the pool must be placed on a stable floor.

What Decoration Around An Above-Ground Swimming Pool?

Do you want to add cachet to your pool? If you don’t know which decoration around a ground pool to choose, we will give you some great ideas to consider. First consider installing your pool on a structure that will serve as a support for some additional decorative elements, such as white pebbles, mulch, or simply flowers.

Above Ground Pool

Modern Above Ground Pool Cladding

Many people decide to build a terrace around the pool, in order to create a practical and pleasant swimming area. Such a structure makes it possible to obtain a flat space at the height of the swimming pool, where the family can rest. This solution is also ideal for hiding the structure of the pelvis if you don’t like it. As already explained, those who dream of an above ground swimming pool environment can already take advantage of the huge variety offered on the market.

Above Ground Pool

An Outdoor Swimming Pool Surrounded By White Gravel

A solid wooden platform brings a lot of style to your outdoor pool. Look at the photo below! You have a resting place in your garden located in the heart of the mountain!

Above Ground Pool

Asymmetrical Outdoor Pool

Rectangular Pool And Composite Wood Deck

Hexagonal Outdoor Pool

Raw Wood Swimming Pool Barrier

A Swimming Pool Surrounded By A Platform

A beautiful Above-Ground Pool With Wooden Cladding

Vegetation Is The Best Decoration To Adopt


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